Refined metal animation issue

i dont know if its a animation issue or a bug but any refined metal smart stack the first spot looks like its compact metal

above the open smart stack u can see compact and they look similar to the first spot in the smartstack.

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Is that compact iron and refined iron in your example?

the one stack that has 41 blocks is compact and the open smart stack to compare is refined

So are they iron or another type of block (e.g silver alloy)? What text appears when you highlight the block on the top left?

the stack of 41 is compact silver and everything in the smart stack thats open is refind silver,they all say refind silver alloy when i hover over them.also note i found that this visual glitch that makes the refined silver alloy look similar to compact is when a smart stack is opened in the new chests,stone/gleam.

I had a look at this in game and it does seem to appear on one side of some of those blocks. Are there occasions where it appears on all sides of the refined silver alloy blocks?