Reflection for blocks?

@Mittekemuis just started a new project and the pictures she added made me think of reflection, one of them was this

basically what i ask is if we could have blocks that have this reflective property? we already have it kinda in the water.

The reflection of blocks could be used for several things, we humans mainly use it to make a room or an area seem bigger than it actually is, and it has a really nice feel to it.

some of the things it could be used for was


Making a sort of ‘‘mirror’’ block or prop, would be pretty neat.


It was suggested that gleam had a very vague amount of reflection, if it is possible to make then i also think it is an okay cool idea.


Different blocks could have these properties, things like marble could be used as a floor (kinda like the picture above) and there could be other building blocks that refleceted the area around it.

just an idea though, would this be something people would like?



It would be cool to have different types of reflections, too. Like having a straight up mirror, or having it it barely reflective but not to the environment like gleam, or having it reflect the world, but also have a “coherent” texture.

Glass should be somewhat reflective.

Pretty sure the devs talked about this when the textures updated and they explained that it isn’t something they will/can do on a single block scale due to game/processor resources
They have reflection in larger bodies of water but not on such a small scale

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Nah. im pretty sure you read the thing about having transparent gleam. which is different. but yeah i am not sure it is possible.

This is why I always build over water.