Refresh BUTT

Can Somebody refresh BUTT for Pharao’s Kingdom?

That would be very nice thx in advance
Greetings Turrican2006

i think it does automatically after x time.

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It refreshes after a set amount of time, but sov worlds update less frequently than homeworlds to stop overloading the API since it shares it with boundlexx and boundless info, think it’s set up so all three doesn’t refresh at the same time.

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Each world has to be queried one at a time for each item, so it’s not like hitting a button and everything gets up to date, either.

They run on cycles, and how each one prioritizes worlds/items is up to the developer. I don’t know if they have any agreement or discussed their code to try and avoid collisions. The API at the beginning was supposed to run through a CDN so it wouldn’t matter much.

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Thx to all for your answers and Help

How long does it take to refresh Butt