Regen bombs and farms (Regening on top of roof and delay on Regen)

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I was wondering if anyone else has noticed this since the last update. Before when you regened an area on a farm the regen would basically be instant. Since the update it seems there is a delay or hicup with the regeneration of the “blocks”. Is this something everyone has been noticing?

Addition: it seems that certain farms that did not teleport you outside of the building, are now porting you on top of the roof after using regeneration. (Had to remodel Bob’s Farms Norkyna Inky Farm because of this)

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Yea even outside of farms this happens. Since I don’t tree farm I actually like how the regen bombs shoot you to the top. I’ve been using that on exo planets to get to the top of the floating islands lol.

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I was farming trees and I wasn’t being shot to the top any more the delay seems to cause me to be moved to the side off of the tree now.

regeneration bombs were often causing server lag spikes due to their HUGE radius and how much of the world was modified all at once.

to prevent that, the regeneration bombs do their work over a short period of time instead now.


But what about being pushed above a roof because of it now?


So would this be the reason people are being regenerated on top of the roof of farms now also? I saw a post about the same issue on another post i believe last week, unfortunately I was not able to locate the post.

Baaaaaaaaaald. Hammer time.


Im building a compact oort factory.

I feel i should flag your post for wasting oort alone!!!


Is it bad i will also be using compact oort in a future build :smiling_imp:

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I pledge allegiance to the flag of compacting all the oort in boundless.

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Make a giant flag made of compact oort you said?

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Since the update, regen bombs don’t teleport you to the next possible location, but to the highest block over you. Is that a bug or is this new behavior intended, too?

Thank you @scrufola this is the one i was looking for. I am currently now redesigning the farms because of this. Wondering if it will be fixed…

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How do you work around that?

I’m trying higher ceilings on some and extra plotted area. We will see if it works out. Though I am hoping we get an answer about why it is happening…

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Would be cool if you find something that works. I’m out of ideas for now besides building the ceiling at the sky limit…

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does this happen for bombs that destroy terrain too?

thx for fixing this. should help with spikes on hunts!!!

normal bombs are comparatively much cheaper and remain instant