Regeneration tablet - Health and Energy

I had this idea where you could use some kind of exotic block such as Glimmer combined with something else more rare, as well as something like cobble or stone bricks. By using a recipe like this, you can make a kind of regeneration tablet. Basically a slab on the ground, roughly three blocks wide and three blocks long. There would be a large light/sky blue colored circle on the top which sits dormant until you step onto it, when you do it glows brightly and those little particles you see everywhere [mainly at night[ begin emitting from it, floating around the player in a circle while a glowing beam of light emanates from the slab, illuminating all above it from below, namely the player’s character. When you step on this tablet, you are lifted slightly into the air, slowly your health and energy will regenerate. It would probably take about two real life minutes to go from no health or energy to full. This slab would also act as a great “home” location marker. And if you set your home destination while floating in the slab’s energy, when you respawn, it creates a beam of light that shine up as high as it is allowed to go with a flash/lens flare where your character is reborn, maybe a particle show as well.

Here are some images I tossed together while thinking about this idea.

If you also notice the top of the picture depicting a new block look for the glimmer itself. personally it being a plane block right now is kinda… I don’t know, underwhelming for how pretty it seems otherwise.

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We already have regen blocks, but i think this would be much cooler if they have the time for it :smile:

Yeah, I finally found one of those today and I was just like… “This could be way cooler…” Haha!