Regeneration Update


It is Serpensarinidi – I wasn’t intending to hide that fact.

Internally we use zero-based tiers for worlds (because programmers) so t4 is what you see as Level 5.


The worlds are constantly visiting chunks and running the regeneration. The system aims to do a tiny bit of work continuously so that it never needs to spike the CPU tick cost.

Analytics are generated per tick - obviously depending on what happened - so the graphs will definitely be aggregated.


We’ve got more data than eyes!!

Sure but the point is that regen is now configured to me much more aggressive so hopefully it shouldn’t get behind.

  • Pre-EA regen was almost instant once it started.
  • For launch we rebalanced regen to start faster but be slower, and be less concerned about recent player visits. This was to make it feel more natural and happen over a few days, and still trigger in busy areas.
  • Then players mined faster than the slower regen rate - so it needed another pass.


so these changes are already in?


Yeah, no idea why you guys thought that was a good idea. When people find an area to farm resources, they are going to go back to that area often, and if they are part of a guild or group of friends, many people are going to go back to that area very often. lol.


Probably to force people to explore the planets more then just hitting one area.


Yup yup, probably this reason. The problem is, we only have so much area to claim anyhow :slight_smile:


I must be getting old, cause i think its absolutely amazing seeing convos with this level of info about how the games performing, changes you’re making, and more so… following up with the affects of it.

I couldnt tell you who developed any of my fav games as a kid, and never even considered speaking to them as a possibility. Im not usually one to get involved in game forums etc, and only joined this one cause theres so much in the game to learn, but its this type of thing that keeps me coming back daily.

Keep up the great work!


Yeah it’s definitely nice to see the transparency between the players and the developers .:grin: It’s like a mini update each time they talk :sunglasses:


I’m not going to lie here… but when I find people beaconing hot zones for ore… I waste my entire hammer mining as much stone as I can so that there GREEDY little base regens super slow… Cynical?

Glad you’re tracking stats…


Me too. It looks like a 50m bomb went off when I run in to one of these things.


They also said they thought it would be better to have builds slowly regen when the beacon fuel ran out. Personally I am more concerned about resources so I am looking forward to see how this change affects mining.


We used to talk to Richard garriot all the time during ultima onlines development as well as mark jacobs from mythic entertainment with dark ages of Camelot. This level of developer/community discourse did not use to be uncommon in the slightest. I blame Warcraft and their approach to the community in large part to why this level of discourse disappeared.

I’m glad this team is going old school with community transparency and discourse.


Haha… definitely feeling old now. I’m here reminiscing about alex kid on sega master system before the internet was even a thing.


Any news on when Australians might get T4 T5 T6 Worlds ??.. at the moment my latency on the EU and US worlds make it very unenjoyable to play… and i cant really progress they way i would like to…


i noticed this already… the last days everything was just back there when i went down


I second more AUS worlds! I am not in AUS but giving them one more of all the world Levels (including the ones they don’t have yet) would be a happy addition… I think the only reason they haven’t given you guys a Level 5 or 6 yet is because it would disturb the “even” number of planets giving a type of gem and would make some gems more “common” since there was an extra planet to farm them on.


So give us Aussies one of each type then to keep the numbers even :smiley:


well, no one else has one of each in their server group so it will all domino down. Not that i’m against it because I want one of each gem type added in general. lol.