Regis II?

Calling owner of Regis II, how can I get to your planet? I’m on Xa Frant but I don’t see it in the sky. I’ve been watching for about 5-10 minutes.

Looks like it’s accessible via TNT Gleamhub, Luminous Blue.

Following portals from there, I was able to find that they also have a portal at Brown Town as well, in case someone in the future is looking here.

In case you're curious how I tracked it down

I looked at which would have a link to the forum post if there was one. Since there wasn’t a forum post, I checked the atlas to see if there was anything obvious. Seeing a settlement labelled as a gleamball told me I should probably check if it’s in the gleamhub, so I checked the color and followed the portal.

Notably, I hadn’t actually tried this method before and I’m glad I’ve found it because I’ll try this way again next time I want a specific color!


Yayy thank you

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No problem! Tracking down worlds and colors is a lot of fun sometimes!

Haha yes it can be, I’m still really bad at it :joy:

Aw bummer, the portal does lead to Regis II but I’m locked into the gleam area, guess they don’t want people gathering other resources outside of the gleam.

I wanted the meta rock…oh well

Oh wait there is a portal to an open spot on the planet never mind!

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If this happens you can return to the sanctum while on the planet and then you can try bumping the warp location that is already open to a new spot, or open the closed portal but go to the planets list and then open a generic warp to the planet (places you near the planets capitol, or in a random spot if the planet has no capitol), or shoot a warp aug to somewhere interesting on the planet and then open the closed portal to the new warp location.


Ohh good to know

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