Release: 104 - Walls, doors and hatches placement

New Features:

  • Walls and doors can now be placed on either the near or far side of a block depending on which side is selected.
  • Walls, hatches and doors are now placed against a block’s side.
  • Doors are always placed with the axis on the left unless they are placed up against a block or another door (to make a double door).


  • Discovery server attempts to find out a users backing level when they login, and if found adds it to the users database.
  • Added a version number to the start up screen to help us track down bugs.

This will help soooooo much :joy: Thank you @dave #teamwonderstruck!!!

How do you place like two walls in 1x1x1?

Pretty sure that’s called a block.

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Yea, but isn’t it possible to place two wallsbeside each other to make one block? Like with slabs? I know it’s pointless but…

Even better question would we be able to place 2 different walls so they make a block? That was one of the things i often missed in minecraft witg their slaps.

You know what give me a few minutes and i am going to do a suggestion for it with visual aid.

The problem with this is that each voxel cell (normally seen as a block) has a single physical material type - say “wood”. With the walls, slaps, slopes and steps we include additional data defining a special shape. But it’s still a single block type.

If we wanted to support a single voxel cell including 2 different types - say “wood” and “rock”, we’d be better off just changing the resolution of the game from 1m x 1m x 1m to 50cm x 50cm x 50cm.

At the moment multiple block material types is not on the todo list.


Why not have 50cm x 50cm x 50cm, and just have normal blocks take 1m x 1m x1m?
This would also allow micro blocks right? But then, i’m not a game dev (yet) and I don’t know how it works, or how hard it would be.

Ah yes I can see that becoming a problem :disappointed:

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On the topic of different block types, what is your opinion on larger blocks? I’m talking about 2x1 for statues or decor blocks Where you simply place the base and it auto places the top.

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I’m guessing decor blocks would come later after more core mechanics, but maybe some useful multiblock structures soon. Who know? :open_mouth:

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We have plans to also create a # of props. The props can be bigger than the unit blocks. These are probably the best candidates for bigger stuff.


Praise WS!

How do I make double doors now? The left side seems to do what I want, but the right side door (no matter where I do the pointer placement) always opens opposite the way I expect–and it doesn’t matter which direction of approach I use. Should I be placing the second door against the door I just put in?

I’m having difficulty replicating this issue, is the double door in question in a door frame, or are you just placing the blocks in the open? When in a door frame, the blocks always place as expected, but when placed without a door frame around it, placing a door always opens to the left, and placing a second door left of that causes them to work as linked 1x1 doors rather than a 2x1. Is this the same result you are getting?

I’ve captured an image of the situation.

The green trapezoid highlights where I’m trying to place the door; the red framing shows where it is where closed–not at all matching the already-placed door.

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Ah! that’s because you need to place the door starting at the base. The logic engine does not like starting doors at different heights. Place from bottom up and it should work every time.

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I think this is a bug. I noticed it as well. If you click on the floor it works, but on the wall it doesn’t.

I’m off to debate with an elf.

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Its not directly what you where looking at but you can do it with a workaround.
I think you meant this.

I thought a bit about it. I think I need to rebuild my entire build to gain advantage from this. But for new builds it could be definitly awesome. It gives you some kind of “more space” inside your buildings.