Release: 108 - The Chisel update

New Features:

  • Added the Chisel tool. The Chisel can be used to knock out corners from slope blocks. Left click will hit up to 4 blocks at the same time and will normally give smooth terrain. For more precise slope changes right click to change only 1 block. The Chisel only works on blocks which have an exposed top (so you can’t use it to dig through walls) and will only re-shape a block (it won’t remove blocks).
  • Portal transitions are more seamless.


  • Removed press “R” to toggle placing slopes.
  • Fix memory not reducing as much as expected when moving around.

See the chisel in action here:


Good job, gonna make alot of builders happy :smiley:

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Now I just have to figure out how to make a chisel. I cranked up the game this morning and I don’t have one–yet.

Okay, I have it.

The recipe is 4x Sticks and 1x Raw Stone. Only works with soft materials - as sloping did before - so the name “chisel” is a bit of a misnomer.


“Scraper” just doesn’t have the same cachet.

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True! I wish stone was sloped though. Would look good in the scenery too.


Perhaps this can change when you add the upside down slopes?
Cause I want to build a big block of gleam and carve a statue

Of course, we just don’t have those blocks yet. It’ll work on the underneath of exposed blocks.

You won’t however be able to chisel from the top and then the bottom. Creates some very obtuse block shapes, we won’t be supporting that.

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What I meant was that I wanted to build a pile of gleam (maybe 15x4x4) and chisel a statue out of it

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Here’s an idea… what if when used on hard blocks (stone, logs, planks, etc) it chiseled a pattern into it? Could be used to add detail to buildings and stuff, and you’d only be adding a function to an existing tool, not adding more tools.

Edit: The name “Chisel” would no longer be a misnomer…

@Havok40k great minds think alike!

ok, how the heck can portal transitions be MORE SEAMLESS? It was already mind blowing before!!

Not sure how recent - but somebody got a whole lot cuter:


It’s all coming together now :smile:


I just love how you never tell us the whole patch notes :slight_smile: I logged on today and saw the textured creature (it looks awesome ingame) and different coloured doors :smiley: :lester: Thanks!