Release: 111 - Hotfix


  • Fix for some lighting bugs on inverted slopes and wedge shapes.
  • Fix for block breaking effect floating in the air on slopes, steps, walls and slabs.
  • Fix for network sockets timing out on Windows. This caused portals to fail to connect to other worlds.

Im glad the block breaking effect is fixed =D

@dave MY REACH! :sob:

I’m going to miss placing blocks 8 cubes away :disappointed_relieved:

bug: shift-creeping no longer prevents you from falling off the edge of wall blocks.

There has always been issues to do with creeping not working on internal edges of blocks (so diagonal edges on some sloped blocks creep won’t stop you walking off, and ‘one side’ of wall blocks will not have creeping stopping you from falling off).

Could you confirm that creeping doesn’t stop you going off a wall block in all directions and not just one? I cannot reproduce this myself.

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Just tested it. Creeping only doesn’t work at the internal edges of the walls.

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