Release 112: Creatures and Characters (and a Q&A)

I can’t get onto Kovah. it doesn’t even show on my list. Any reason?

We’re aware of this issue and are currently fixing it.

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Which world and coordinates are these shots taken from.

Kovah is back online. Thanks.

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(I’m definitely a total oort nerd.)
Great update! Everything seems to run smoothly and I love the new crafting btw!
But im a bit dissapointed, I really wanted to know the secret behind your hair, Ben…


I only disclose it to Oortians.


Thats pay to win! (or pay to hair idk) :stuck_out_tongue:

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Really? So you’re doing it the pay to win way ok I see how it is.


Time to buy oortian tier! I need that hair

Yea, he is giving us no choice.

I’ts totally worth it though!

Time is whatever it is when you press ctrl-3.

@Tahru get his secrets!

This is so amazing! playing on ultimate feels a bit smoother for me ^^



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Got the same error while watching someone chopping wood.
@yota : It did crash. I had to restart it. GTX980 Ti

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Ooooo yes yes cant wait to play it tomorrow

No, I agree completely. Not to complain but the grappling hook mechanic is TERRIBLE! Please revert it to the old one. This new 1 sec delay makes some climbs impossible and that is for areas I created within my base. For instance, trying to scale a vertical tunnel and pop up through a floor to an ceiling about 4 blocks high - can’t do it due to falling too far in that short delay…

I’m having two problems, all the text in the game is blurry and i can’t see me character :frowning:

The grappling hook was the most convenient thing for me to build with :frowning:.

I kind of gotten used to it in terms of timing your swings. But for climbing upwards and putting lights on 15 block tall ceilings, it’s kind of a hassle now :x.

It will take time to get used to though. I remember freaking out when our block placing range limit went from about 10 to 4.

I notice there has also been an update to the swimming mechanic? It’s not really a problem, but now you swim horizontally, using space and shift to rise and fall. You used to be able to swim in any direction just moving forward. Probably better now for the landlovers, but for my underwater build i might have to get used to it…

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