Release 167: Player Progression and Build Progression!


I’m all about character diversity! That’s a proper MMO system right there :slight_smile:


Also possibly to promote having specialist in your guilds.


Following along @boundmore and @Heureka suggestions for a log of sorts for things completed.

I would think the pop up message when you complete a feat should say feat instead of objective.


A second hot fix for some of the very low frame rate around portals is out:-

  • Fix for too many active portals across game worlds being processed.
  • Fixed more than one portal rendering at a time.

There are still more optimisation to do around portals but these should be back to where it was before the update.


Max skill points is 1085 if I’m not wrong.


:heart_eyes: thanks!


My interplanetary house will be whole again!


Updated OP for Release 167.3 and 167.4 point releases.


Is there in plans to make all planets bigger? Like, more than 4600x4600, because now so many of one-beacon settles and with release they amount will rise.


Check this information:


There will be many more worlds, rather than bigger worlds.


… and more worlds means more colours to build with! :smiley:


If I might ask a quick question, It’s very helpful to have less portals being rendered, but very bothersome to be standing next to 3 portals, and the one you’re trying to go through refusing to load. Is this due to the limited number of portals allowed rendered, or is this simply an issue with load time or something similar? If it is caused by a limit, would it be possible to remove said limit if say, the portal is within 5-10 blocks of you?


The portal closest to you should be the one to render, so if you’re having trouble with them loading, you can try standing closer to the one you want and further away from the other ones.

Beyond that, it’s down to where you and the servers are physically located and the speed of your internet connection.

You could try increasing your chunk cache size - it’ll cache more of the worlds that you have visited and save on additional download requirements.


I was planning to update the system so that looking at a portal made it the priority (independent of any other factor.) This would give players more control.


Yeah, I figured that’s how it should be. The problem in question doesn’t seem to be an internet issue as far as I can tell. I’m located in Dallas with a relatively low ping to both east and west servers. That being said, the worlds and everything around load instantly, so do MOST portals.

Only in instances where there are several portals in the near vicinity, do I have moments where I can literally stand on-top of a portal for up to a minute before the game realizes I’m there and loads the correct portal. My chunk cache size is also about as large as it can be.

I have several friends who live in several locations around the US who also experience the same issues. This has been experienced on nearly all planets, specifically, planets on EU, West, and East.

It’s certainly nothing major, but frustrating when you’re running from a large animal into a group of portals :stuck_out_tongue: