Release 178: Square, Bevel and Slope Chisels!


Awesome :grinning: I totally get it! I suppose hosting our own worlds will come closer to 1.0?

I guess I’ll tag you here… xD @james


The new chisels brings new life to The Annex!

Good work on making these friendly and fun to use :smiley:!


Did you up the number of animals roaming the plains? (And everywhere else.) The homestead is just surrounded by critters now. Very nice!


I feel kinda stupid for asking this but…any chance you could make the sound of picking-up-a-block-of-ice sound less like a spitter spitting? I am haunted by spitty phantoms :open_mouth:


Seconded. Some of the other “picking up a thing” sounds come across like something sneaking up on me. [shudder]

It’s already bad enough I have to sneak out of bed in the dark to play Boundless, and…

Okay, I made that last bit up.



Picking up tree trunks and some ores works the same. Makes me look around suspiciously.


And when you put it off as you just picking up things then suddenly a mob shows up! Happened to me. At a mine. Could they spawn at altitude 22?? Seems like a weird bug as this is the first time I’ve encountered it.

The said wildstock rammed me into a lava (Agressive one). Jokes on him as I’m already grappled on the floor and he fell on his own demise dying in agony in the lava. What a weird scenario… I hope I had the chance to screenshot it


I met some creatures near lava level in the past. I think sometime when they spot you when you are close to surface they manage to stay behind you falling into caves.
The weirdest I had was a hopper when I was mining titanium and ■■■■ on Vulpto. He activated his teapot right above me although he didn’t have access as he was circling on higher level of the caves when I was digging upwards.


What a traumatic experience :scream: (hoppers are the scariest if caught off guard). If I hear a hopper ready to explode while in a cave with limited maneuverability and lava is everywhere with lots of freshly invested tools, I would scream for dear life.

Yeah that might be the most logical explanation why they are in the cave and the reason why the wildstock is aggressive, he followed me to the mine.


There are a lot of new sounds for creatures. I find tier 1 wildstock and roadrunner worse than before. Would love to see the old ones return there.


I got ambushed today by a spitter down deep in the world–the worst part is that I have to switch to the slingbow without losing light, while the miserable little son-of-a-biscuit shoots me in the back.


i like to incorporate ore and fossles into my builds. this often requires me to chiseled them. i have noticed the bevel chiseled dose not work on these blocks. it would be swell if they someday did. :+1:t2:


Wait fossils and ore are placeable???


neither I just build around them and incorporate them that way.
I hope that some day they are though!


I wouldn’t mind refined gems placeable. Copper and iron nicely go into builds in that form. Gems have that funny crystal form only useful for crafting tools. Decorative once still not accessible.


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