Release 178: Square, Bevel and Slope Chisels!

This update is accessible via the “Live” release of Boundless on Steam.

Please report all issues discovered with the update to this support thread.

Please restart Steam to make sure you get the latest version of Boundless. If the update happens whilst Steam is open it’s unlikely you’ll get the latest version.


This is the Live release of Testing 177.

This release adds support for Square, Bevel and Slope Chisels, including all orientations and shapes. A future update will expand the blocks that can be chiseled further.

Please checkout @Jiivita’s video that explores and introduces many of the new chisel’s features:

All orientations of the following chiseled shapes can now be sculpted in Boundless.

Release Notes:

  • Crafting + Resources + Equipment:
    • Added the following different chisels:
      • Stone Square Chisel - removes an edge connecting 2 corners per action. Use this chisel to rapidly create steps, walls and slabs.
      • Copper Slope Chisel - removes an edge connecting 2 corners per action to create a bevel shape.
      • Iron Bevel Chisel - removes an edge connecting 2 corners per action to create a slope shape.
      • Silver Precise Slope Chisel - removes a single corner. This chisels is equivalent to the original chisel implementation.
      • Gold Precise Bevel Chisel - removes a single corner to create a bevel shape.
      • Titanium Precise Square Chisel - removes a single corner to create a square shape.
    • Sloped block changes:
      • Compact soil blocks, rock-brick blocks, decorative rock blocks, compact coal blocks, compact gem blocks and lantern blocks are now slopeable.
      • The missing rotations and flips of Pyramidal-corner shapes and saddle shapes have been added.
      • New slopeable shapes: the “half” pyramidal corner, and the “corner-wedge” (a wedge with a corner cut out of it), a “under-saddle” (saddle with an under-corner knocked out), the “bidiagonal” (saddle/high-corner with both sides knocked out), and the “under-pyramid” (a pyramidal corner block with the under middle corner knocked out) shapes and all rotations and flips are added.
      • This means we now have all the chisel patterns available for slopeable blocks, with a total of 150 shapes available after taking into account all unique rotations of the base-shapes.
      • The new slope shapes are used for natural terrain generated in the World Builder now meaning new worlds will have “even smoother” terrain in some cases.
      • Various texture-blending issues have been resolved for the sloped shapes, though crafted-block shapes continue to have no texture-blending.
    • Crafted block changes:
      • rock-stones blocks, decorative rock blocks, ice, glacier, gleam, sponge, ancient-corruption, compact coal blocks, machined metal blocks and decorative gem blocks are now “craftable” shape blocks (as well as being slopeable blocks). By “craftable” we mean that they can be shaped into steps, walls and slabs.
      • Crafted-block items (STAIR/SLAB/WALL) are removed (they will have become standard-versions of the blocks in your inventory).
      • Crafted-blocks are massively updated so that instead of crafting the items and then placing them, you instead use a “square” chisel to cut out the corners of the blocks individually. This means that we also have many, many more possible shapes available than what was possible using only the slab, stair and wall blocks. After taking into account all possible rotations of the base-shapes, there are 254 shapes available for “craftable” blocks. Breaking a crafted block will now just gives you a base block too matching the behaviour of slopes.
      • After this release these blocks will simply be referred to as chiseled, or sometimes square chiseled, bevel chiseled and slope chiseled.
    • New “bevel” blocks:
      • Every block that is “craftable” is now also “bevelable”. Using a “bevel” chisel you can construct all the same patterns as with crafted blocks, but with block-shapes having sloped edges/facets instead of cubical blocks. This means there are also 254 possible shapes available for bevels too including all of the rotations and flips etc.
  • Engine:
    • The way that the sun and block lighting is sampled by the voxel-geometry has been overhauled meaning that the lighting of the voxels will now be almost entirely perfectly smooth without any weird dark-artefacts all over the place (often only very subtle, but sometimes very obvious, and caused many issues like square-patterns of lighting on slabs, or really dark edges that should never have been so dark, as well as sometimes obvious plain artefacts around sloped terrain), as well as fixing some cases where light would incorrectly bleed through vertices leading to bright edges on the inside of black interiors etc.
    • Some minor physics-geometry, and block-selection issues have also been resolved.
  • World Builder:
    • Updated World Builder to generate all sloped shapes and orientations.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed an issue where friends were removed when scrolling down the Friend list.
    • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to place items of the same smart stack category onto Shop Stands.
    • Fixed an issue where the total amount of health for Core Attributes is displayed as zero.
    • Fixed an issue where right-clicking on an item with a quantity of 1 and dragging to another item with a quantity greater than 1 will appear to show that the single item has a large quantity.

Release 178.1:

  • Fix incorrect prices in request baskets and shop stands.

Release 178.2:

  • Fix unable to open new portals.

Release 178.3:

  • Fix for crash when using slingbow power ups.

Release 178.4:

  • Fix for crash when world regen destroys a portal.

We’d still love to see some screenshots of your experiments and constructions with the new chisels… :framed_picture:


YAAAAASSSSSSS!!! :star_struck:


Fo’shizzle the chisel!

Is it home time yet? Looking forward to the chisel competition now!


i am just so happy right now!!


Time to start selling titanium chisels!




Best update evaaaaaaa! Can’t wait to see what everyone does with this! U devs rock!



Sooooooo did the console get removed? :sob::scream: @james


Rofl :joy:

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Updated OP with details for a hotfix.


What are the 4x4 block?

Sedimentary brick


Oh boy here I go chiselling again


Loving the bug fixes, thanks a lot Boundless team! My shop is now much easier to manage again :slight_smile:


It was never added. It kindof slipped out…

When you can flag yourself as an admin or dev on your own server then there are many many DUI (debugging UI) interfaces.

What were you using it for?

It was just good fun to try and get it to glitch. Btw @james , it allowed you to force add someone as a friend without them seeing or knowing. That enabled you to warp to them etc. Also, you could use the give command in sanctum and occasionally upon entering a live world the items would stay in your inventory as ghost items. One example would be oort shards which, when they stayed, could be put into a portal. You would see the fuelled time increase but upon religious nothing changed.

Mainly I loved the colorscheme command!!

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Oh, I see :smile: I was confused as the keybinds were still in then controls file but pressing f2 didn’t do anything :joy: we were able to access them all btw, the console, gui console, networking menu, entity menu, animation menu, the whole works!

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Btw - I’m totally in favour of you being able to play and explore the game this way. But the problem is that there are many other players in the online worlds and the servers aren’t likely robust enough against your (friendly) abuse.

The ideal solution is to release the Boundless server so that you can host your own worlds and play around with it.