Release 184: Meteorites and Combat!


went hunting with 2players level 50 3meteorites on therka to easy and boring for us

then went to vulpto for 10meteorites with 1player level 50
grabbed red resources while hunting

got 45oortstone both so 2players 90 total 13meteorite 2maxed bowhunters and maxed luck

vulpto was fun for level49 but im like immortal there got maxed regen
maxed agility maxed health

this is my clumsy report
conclusion seems doable to get oort (this means :smile: )

oh please dont tell me its harder at level 1 to do it i belief ya trust me


i have been hunting meteors on andooweem for a few hours and absolutely love this update so far.
the new monster attacks are great! (acsept for the heat seeking cuttlepunk attack which i don’t think can be avoided). it even hit me threw trees.
I found 3 dormant meteors each containing 5 stones. one of them was under a floating island? don’t know how it got there.
fought 3 meteor sites the first two without dieing but was killed twice on the last one. first one had 7 stones 2nd one had 8 and the last one had 10.
sweet job on this update devs :+1:t4:


but my ruby grapple is now a ruby crapple. i need to put points in that!


defenitly needs punch trough it looks cooler
note to @james lol

yeah thanks defs i never hunted did not want to now i cant wait :star_struck:


did one meteorite on munteen with @Cookviper and @KKBell - got 5 oorstones and 3 gems but dont have max luck; cook got 9

we had an awesome experience fighting against this new strong, mighty and elite mobs; bombs are awesome (cant wait to have them as a player if they are anything close to mob bombs its gonna be soo coool)

btw: I like the names instead of level number:
1 - no adjective
2 - stout
3 - strong
4 - mighty
5 - elite

standing ovation for devs for this update - fight is great fun now


My luck is maxed. Got 12 oort plus gems in the teens. Very enjoyable!!


That was a blast. I wish I had more skill points to spend on resistance. Can’t wait to do it again. :grin:


It is a starter planet… what do you expect. The only relevant information for starter planets are from people at level 1 - maybe 20.


One little inconvenient/not-intuitive thing about machines again (just like previous update made the recipes screen a default one, instead of the content screen). I dont know how about other players, but that one works against logic/intuition, I believe.

Now we have Condition info displaying two values. So it looks like this (example): Condition: 1200/6000.
The name Condition suggests (I think) that it shows durability left/full machine durability. And I naturally read the info as 1200 left out of maximum 6000 points of machine durability (expecting the first value to count down to 0). However it actually shows that the machine has lost 1200 of its durability (so there is 4800 left). So I found when crafting.

So, it would make sense (to me) if the line called Condition read 4800/6000 in this example (that way it actually shows machine’s condition left out of its full condition) and if the first value is going down to 0.

Another way out of it is to replace Condition with Wear, as that way it would naturally lead to conclusion that values displayed mean damage/max damage to break the machine.

To summarize, if a machine has lost 1200 durability out of its 6000, I think it would be more intuitive/logical if it was shown like one of these two:
Condition: 4800/6000 (and counting down to 0 before slash)
Wear: 1200/6000 (and counting up before slash)

PS. With Condition replacing Wear, and 4-digit numbers displayed instead of %, that info line is now too long and is in collision with the condition bar. So that section of machine GUI looks messy now.


No way, I think the road runner needs to be even harder now or more rare and slightly easier. I’m lvl 26 and there is still no reason to have my own personal portal up 24/7. It should have to take a community to keep portal hubs alive. I just feel that oort stone previously was so easy to get that people have started to take it for granted. I want this game to be harsh, hard, unforgiving, merciless and most of all THE GRIND


Level 35 player, still running with silver slingbow as have yet to find enough gems for a gem bow (I found 6 topaz so far and only other gems came from mobs on Munteen prior to 184). Solo meteorite on Munteen … not a chance. 3 spitters, 1 wildbeast, 4 cuttles. With the amount of firepower coming my way I was at half health before I could shake any of em. I have near max health and it wilted away under spread fire bombs, beams and some green bomb thing that apparently has target tracking. No way to split them and if you pull away too far from the meteor they respawn. If this is to be the only way to gather oort except for road runners I will take it as a loss and move on to something else.


Just wanted to point out that the feature that I was most interested in, the network changes, seem to have worked beautifully at least for me.

A few months ago when I bought the game and played it for about a week, I had constant unstable connection messages, which led me to just stop playing for a while out of frustration. Tried it again last week, same thing, practically unplayable for me.

With this update it seems that its more in line with what I’ve come to expect from online games using my crappy, outdated internet at a very remote location. :smiley: A few lag spikes, and not the greatest ping, but completely playable so far.


i was expecting it to adapt to our levels vulpto was pretty easy to
i dont think cuase we are level50 that it has to be a walk in the park


oh and i think my information is usefull even on starterplanets

maybe trow in a high levelstomper for us to finish while low levels do the smallerbeast cuase sometimes level 10 gonna want to hunt together with level 50 if they are friends


I love the update so far. Genius addition. But we really should have been offered a skill reset on anything this huge. This was no little update. With some of our gear doing diff things and the amount of changes to our hunting , can we please get a skill reset as we test this update? Much thanks.

Also the steam page doesn’t indicate there was a patch. Are you guys not updating the news there anymore? I signed in, stepped out onto thy world , instantly spawned into a meteor event, killed with 20 creatures around me, not knowing wth happend. Maybe a heads up on Steam as well.


There are updates everywhere on our Steam page.


You should now be seeing this icon and you should also see on the store page a recent update post.

Can you not see these things? Would be interesting to know what you see to see if something has gone wrong.


Updated OP with details of Release 184.1.

  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t withdraw coin from a plinth.

…fixed yer bugfix for ya :wink:


I think gems have (quietly) become more plentiful to mine with the update. I have a small spot on vulpto that I mine regularly.

In the past, I found 1 vein of rubies with 2 rubies in it nearby my entry point. I have not found other rubies nearby in the rock, but I did find lots of coal (which is what I was looking for).

Yesterday I found 10 rubies, 16 gold and 6 silver in about 20 minutes of mining in the same area. 0 coal, but still copper and iron around in normal amounts.

I don’t know if this was an intentional change that was kept quiet (to offset the loss of hunting for gems), and it is a limited observation from a single short mining trip, but I thought I’d share.


Keep in mind that frequently mined spots change their spawning rates so if a lot of resource X has been mined it becomes rarer and when less of it is mined for a while it makes it more frequent eventually.


loot from Munteen solo meteor. Super Challanging