Release 184: Meteorites and Combat!


@James My bad. Yes on the store page it’s there. Once I buy a game, I rarely go to the store page. I guess I always assumed any new content would also be on our game Library page. That’s where there is no info.
(update) I had a steam update and all the new stuff is now on the library page to.

Thank you guys for such an awesome game.


I appreciate that and do hope that I will be able to find more. Initial frustration I guess on my part. I did notice meteors fall on the starter planets as well and the mobs are much less difficult. My frustration was primarily that I had finally discovered a way to harvest Oort and gems from critters and did not have to rely on the world builder randomizer to drop gems where I could not locate any.


ALSO major gratitude for the skills reset to go with this update. Once this game is advertised more, you will have to build many planet to hold all the people that will come. I bought 2 copies now. That’s how much faith I have in this game.


It would be great if the meteor trail is redish or something stronger than white. In a snow storm it is really hard to see them…


Was thinking the same while on Septerfon. With ice all around and sunny weather it’s impossible to see it. Half of the sky and surroundings is eye hurting white making it impossible to see it flying and then makes it hard to find the impact site.


Updated OP with details of Release 184.2.

Fire Caverns Community Hunt - Dec 16th @ 5 pm UTC

Is my observation correct that you can now view and fuel everyones beacons when placed post-184?
(Without Permissions)


Can you confirm:

  1. You don’t have permissions on the beacon.
  2. The beacon hasn’t expired - so there isn’t actually a beacon there.


Both Yes.

I looked for a newer beacon and took some screens:

Note the Hower Display (Usable, but not friends, hence no permissions.)
Also burning and active.

Of course I can’t change anything. But I can see everything.

And i can add fuel. (Lifetime extended, Timber consumed.)

My first impression was, that this was a positive change. Since you can now fuel builds that you like and support without the presence of the owner.

But on the other hand, you can now see the exact expiry time and footfall.
And you can add the beacon to your tab to monitor it.

Again, this only works on beacons placed post patch.


I’m not entirely decided on if it’s a good thing or bad thing that the expiration timer is viewable. I can see how it may generate a bit of a fire sale type scenario, but this seems to work out well in games like Eve where a property becoming vulnerable to takeover by another faction spurs massive competition. IIRC, such an event was the catalyst to the biggest event in gaming history, The Bloodbath of B-R5RB. Then again, that’s a pvp game. It’s difficult to really predict how such a situation might play out in Boundless.


Just some personal feedback. I played for a few hours here and there over the last week and I feel that the meteor event occurs a little too often, at least for a solo player running across the world. If an alternative method of getting Oort was ever introduced I think the market would become overly saturated so I think a slight reduction, maybe 25%, in the occurrence with a slight gain in completed events, maybe 10~15%, would be a better balance. I would not increase dormant rewards.

I look forward to the creature damage increases planned. I think in some ways the events are still easy. On my level 20 alt, specced for hunting mostly, I was able to solo a double meteor event on Munteen. Granted I leveled halfway through and died intentionally to increase hp but kiting and focusing on cuttles didn’t change the process. The reason for my survival was primarily due to being on a hill and trees but the damage still seemed low.

On a side note, an earlier attempt at a meteor that landed near lava made the job fairly easy as mobs with one hit and kited into the lava made it a quick and fairly painless job. If we ever get something like a bucket to carry lava I can see this trivializing the event by placing lava under portals. Not sure if that would be considered broken or smart gameplay. Also should mobs in lava Insta break and loot be destroyed in the event that lava transport becomes an option?

Last bit for me is a question about wildstocks. Should non hostile wildstocks be causing knock back? I didn’t play for a few months and while jumping up a mountain without my grapple a wildstock landed on my head and sent me flying.


Well, I do not know, many hold more than one portal, and to collect an oort you need time for traveling and mining meteorites, so I think that their frequent occurrence when traveling is justified


looked this up sounds awesome :smile:
are you a fallen warrior? haha


Does anyone think it would be helpful to have a “looking for group” capability, to facilitate players while in game wanting to form or join a hunting group? Something that would work across all planets.


I wouldn’t mind a craftable kiosk for grouping. That way it could be placed in a city square/player home.


Holy carp! Like a request basket, it puts you in to a group with the creator for a set amount of time!


This! So true, this is like the closest thing to PvP right now lol


I saw a level 2 meteor fall very near south of pixel gate last night, so the fix appears to be working.


Updated OP for Release 184.3 details.


Feedback for this release (started from new character). Will not be as detailed as my previous testings.

  • The mob variation is very much welcome! Makes me wary of each encounter on what would their attacks will be and how to defend it. Very interesting!
  • Meteor looks balanced to me. Specialized as a hunter, I’m around lvl 9-10 and can solo lvl 1 meteor still with some challenges (mostly stocking of potions).
  • I cannot just rush to more dangerous planets which I learned the hard way. :joy:. This is a good start to make easier world not be obsolete very quickly for hunters.
  • As a hunter, I’m getting way more Oortstone than before even on lower levels which is good since we can now acquire some valuable loots to sell compared to before.


  • I understand the frustration of others when it comes to how strong the mobs now given that they are not specialized for hunting. My early encounters with them are a little overwhelming and things only changed when I invested on Vitality and stocked some potions. In fact, in this playthrough, I was forced to setup a little base so that I can cook some meat and starberries (which is not necessarily a bad thing) ^^.
  • With how buffed the mobs now, I feel like we are now under-buffed hehe. I think it’s just true on earlier levels but will be a lesser issue as we level up. I feel like on higher levels, we could evade/dodge some attacks with max agility and double jump, etc. but it’s physically impossible to do it on lower levels. Maybe make projectiles less accurate on lower levels? Or slow down the projectiles a bit?
  • Adding on the previous point, I was very keen on observing mob behavior correlating to their next attack style but failed to do so. They probably are very subtle and I think making it more visible will add more fun in combat. The only obvious one and easy to evade is the spitter bomb shots.
  • Generally, a 1v1 with mob should be fairly easy (in terms of evading/dodging) with decent skill. The danger should arise when agroing multiple mobs or fighting higher level mobs. To put it more simply, danger should just be present when you’re being careless. On the other hand, multiple agro’ed mobs from meteor is good since it’s meant to be a group play OR you’re just sufficiently higher level than it’s targeted to.


  • I still haven’t have a decent amount of playtime with this update. I think I’m still at level 14 (quit when I just bought two silver slingbows costing me 50% of my wealth then died on a cuttletrunk on Munteen :sweat_smile:). Will play more and what else I could add to my feedback!