Release 184: Meteorites and Combat!


In my effort to understand the different attacks of the mobs (and evade them), I tried playing in 3rd person view to have a better idea of the space and projectiles around me. However, I found out my character is completely blocking the crosshair all the time and can’t aim at mobs properly.

I’m posting in hopes that we could get a better angle in 3rd person view so that we could aim more comfortably. :slight_smile:


FINALLY I’m able to play without rubberbanding, thanks for that.



Please make the ballistic projectiles actually function according to reasonable physics.

The spitters (for example) have an attack where they shoot, and I dodge. That’s ballistic, and makes sense. But then they have the homing attack, which hits me no matter how far away I am when I start to dodge. Snot ain’t steerable. At that point they stop being biological creatures and start being machines. Maybe they’re machines–maybe that’s what you want. But it strains the willing suspension of disbelief to the breaking point. (As a former science teacher, current software engineer, and half a physicist, this just bothers me. I realize that the underpinnings here have pretty much the same approach to physics as is incumbent in Star Wars, but damn.)

This is particularly annoying when a Core 2 meteorite spawns far too many creatures for a reasonable team to handle on a starter world. On starter worlds they seem to gen enough simultaneous creatures for a team of four or six to handle as currently implemented. It’s a classic no-win situation. We can’t take out a combination of six spitters and cuttletrunks, and thanks to the general tenacity of cuttletrunks, one can barely get away. We die, we go to Sanctum, we come back with our weapons depleted and eventually useless. We’re warned not to take too many weapons into dangerous areas, but given the massive onslaught from the core, we’re forced to carry enough weapons to defend ourselves. The net effect is that when I see a meteorite hit the ground, I just go in the opposite direction and come back after it’s gone dormant. That’s okay if it’s the game play you want, but it lacks a certain je ne sais quoi–although I couldn’t tell you what it is.

I’m hoping this will be moderated in a following release, because that’s going to put first-time players on starter worlds right off the game. One sees this in RPGs in which the player characters are killed by individual, ordinary rats during starter missions–it’s practically impossible to be killed by a single ordinary rat under any circumstances, particularly when ones character is 2m tall and 100kg in mass, carrying any sort of weapon. No one but a masochist invests effort in a game that is blatantly cheating.


Odd, to me it seems a bit random on timing. I can go 30-45 minutes without a meteor. And then a little more rare I have seen only a couple times 2 within 20 minutes. My hunter has a hard time getting enough meteors. I wonder how different it is for various players. I can agree however , a single player can pretty much count on dying a couple times per meteor on Munteen or Nash. Its hard to justify cost of gem bows sometimes.


Some more progression info for my hunter:

  • At level 16, Level 2 meteorite on Munteen is solo-able… that is if you have 30 cooked meats available. Needless to say, it was a very challenging fight given that I only have gold slingbows at that time (not the best time to be close to the mobs…)

  • Around level 18-19, nothing scares me (non-meteorite encounter). I guess titanium slingbow, max power, decent ms speed, high jump, and max vit (combined with healing potions) did a lot of difference. halfway through agility and double jump seems to be enough to evade a couple of shots from mobs.

  • At 20, I now already wield the best weapons (gems) and hunting on level 3 world starting to feel like hunting on level 1 world. Some mobs doesn’t even have the chance to shoot cause I can kill them quickly with my long range gem slingbow. (I sometimes don’t even move). I’m starting to bank a lot of coins and aching to have some more equipment upgrades to buy but sadly there are still none.

  • At 21, I’ve maxed out health regeneration. Starting to feel like really invincible. I can now just casually clear meteorites on level 3 world without exerting too much effort in evading attacks. At worst, I need to drink 2 healing potions but most of the time, I just need 1 and sometimes even none. Looks like it will be taking a while to finished up all of my banked potions. XD.

  • At 22, there are not obvious skills that would improve my hunting skills. Probably the Attribute Bonus could be one. Luck could increase drops but I’m already banking a lot of money so I don’t need it. I’m not even compelled in adding more to Endurance skill as I’m now already surviving just fine. Still ended up adding kinetic defence and air jump.

I believe I still haven’t faced another level 2 meteorite at level 3 world so that I can compare my initial encounter when I was still level 16.

Some insights:

  • Gem drops on hunting is so abundant in a bad way. Probably a 1 hour hunting could result to 10 of each gems and 20 rough stones. Some reference, I think I already sold 50 gems and still about to reach 25% loss on my two gem slingbows (25% for each). Those 50 gems was sold for ~20k coins and gem tools only cost ~5k. Very self-sufficient.

  • With the current state of the game, if you’re aiming to be a pure hunter, it seems like you’ll already reach prime time at a very early level of 20. I’m not sure what to change. Should we add higher tier mobs? Scale down some weapon stats? Make tools more scarce so it would be more expensive? (Actually I think the best option is to add more harder level worlds. Probably upto 5 levels and make higher tiered tools not so easily attainable or impractical on lower levels).

  • I think I’m somehow leveling faster when I was on higher level compared to when I was just starting out. It seems like my longest time investment was from 11-15. 16-22 seems to have come by really fast. Level 3 worlds gives out generous experience when you’re just killing them with little effort :slight_smile:

  • I almost bypassed level 2 worlds (tried rushing to level 3 but horribly died unfortunately). I think we still need something to keep hunters interested on each world level. I think I just need two levels on a level 2 world so that I can increase vitality and slingbow mastery (somehow, they seems to be the only necessary part since you can just eat lots of meat given how cheap they are). The abundance of portals also doesn’t help in this department.

  • There are near zero source of income for hunters on level 1 and 2 worlds except for meteorites. Hope the mentioned planned drops would change this.

Planning to write a short post but it turned out to be long again… Just wanted to put this out if this info would help the team. Thanks to those who read it all. :slight_smile:


10 of each gem = 60 gems x 500 coin = 30 000 coin which is about the equivalent that mining offers in the same timespan. I’m not seeing a lot of gems being sold to me so not too many are doing this (yet) - I was hoping it would drop the price.

I’m also finding the level 2 meteorites on Munteen to be very challenging (ruby slingbow with max damage and they end up costing me 10+ minutes and quite a lot of healing brews). What bow are you using against them to make them easy?


That 30,000 income of miner sounds about right actually as I also did a pure miner build previously. A good chunk of it due to coals. I guess what’s the concern on my part is gems are becoming too easy to obtain? Contrary to you not getting enough seller of gems, I’m seeing a lot of stocked gem tools on your shop!

I have yet to face level 2 meteorites again on my seemingly maxed hunter character. I too make use of ruby slingbows and its long range really make things a lot easier. If what you meant by challenging is that it takes you a lot of time, then I must admit that it also takes me quite some time. On meteorites battle, what I consider easy on my end is, I run away from the mobs (max agility) then shoot them as they approach me (max long range slingbow). I take minimum hits from mobs so I seldom felt in danger that’s why I guess I consider it “easy”.


Ran into the above and had no idea what it was so I decided to screen it and put it her

When aiming up high and trying to destroy a block there is no life bar for that block.

No idea if this i sactually that muc worth mentioning, but here is a minor clipping detail regarding the grass outside. 5those black things are grass that waved back and forth)

Further more I would like to say to keep up the good work! You’re doing a good job! I really like this game :slight_smile:


That’s a known bug: happens when you put things like natural crystals or water buckets in storage


I believe this is also normal, as your visibility to a ‘life bar’ for each block is range dependent. It doesn’t matter if the block is above, below, or laterally far away, you won’t be able to see that ‘life bar’.


That’s pretty much all from the last hunt (along with almost all my oort supply) - I was hoping for a more consistent supply to bring prices down a bit.


I think this might result from your tool reach being further than your interaction distance, if that is possible…


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Meanwhile, steam says I’ve played 16 hours for the past two weeks and my newly created hunter already reached level 25. :smile:


I noticed that when I’m underground smasing away at all rocks who dareth crosseth my path, that next to the nice sound of the hits echoing I also hear what’s going on 20 blocks above me such as Wildstock grazing, wind blowing, birds chirping etc etc - basically as if I were above ground.

This was at about altitude 40. Not sure if it is known or not (it probably is) but here it is.


Found something weird.


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Lmao. Got it.


Updated OP with details of Release 184.4.


spawn location for what? meteors?