Release 184 - Report issues here

Can confirm this appears to be a screen resolution issue, dropping out of Full Screen helps and reducing the screen resolution to “Half” fixes the issue for me

If I drop the graphic settings to lowest/off its better, but lag continues.

Just curious are you two getting the lag when in a town/near a portal? Iv noticed that’s where all my issues stem from.

Can you provide a screenshot for reference?

We’ve logged a bug. Presumably this occurs when the number reaches 3 figures?

Can you give a bit more information on what you did exactly before you noticed this?

Sounds like the functionality is broken. We’ll get it fixed.

I can no longer collect coin from my Shop Stands, its as if they are broken.

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The cant collect coin should be fixed in the next patch, now on Testing.

“Also the mipmap levels seem to have changed…” If you mean the level of detail of the terrain you can go in to the Graphics Options and change the new “Minimum Target FPS” to lower that the default 20, or off is you want the same behaviour as before.

The Testing update has grapple changes in.


The Testing update has a skill reset in.

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I lost my defence and resistance skills - I had a few levels there in what used to be projectile type.
No skill points returned to me.
Character: Peter-Spitter.

I noticed that when i’m at Sanctum, there is no lag. The lag happens when entering in Therka World.
Also can’t interact with other players. Pressing “E” and “T” and “Return” to write something, don’t react.
Also the Tutorial Objective to “Build a Crafting Table” don’t ends… don’t go “COMPLETE”. (playing on a iMac)

Last night (before update) connection to Solum was fine. After update, I get “Unstable Connection” plastered access my the top of the HUD regularly, with constant rubber-banding whenever I try to look about.

It is basically unusable again.

Internet Speedtest showed 37.7 Mbps download and 1.89 Mbps upload, so my download speed is significantly better than I saw last night (around 18). Upload is about the same. All other applications net usage appears to function as expected, so I’m concluding only Boundless is an issue (the update).

I should also say that the Sanctum loaded and logged in faster than usual, so it appears that the issue is only once I’ve warped to my home.

I’m getting it at all times, even in the sanctum! although as I said above changing the screen resolution and not using full screen has worked as a workaround for me

If you can share a log file ~/Library/Logs/Boundless/log.txt that might help pin an issue down.

As far as I’m aware you can’t “lag” in sanctum. It is an offline area, you don’t need internet to be there.

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i hear meteorites in sanctum but cant find them hahahah
ps :not a real issue

Haha wtf that defiantly a bug

did some thinking maybe its the otherside of portal im hearing not sure lol