Release 184 - Report issues here

Reporting this in the right place now - finally, sorry. My Beacon isn’t giving me my footfall coin. When I collect the coin, it doesn’t raise my overall coin.

I made a video for the Devs. It always seems to be the same sort of decorative flower, and the locations are pretty well set, too. Making a local change to the terrain releases you. (But you probably knew that part already.)

same is hapening here as with the torch

the visualization is in the block not on the block

We do have a known issue about machines that sometimes appear to stop crafting.

If you can specify coordinates of where this is happening I can come and take a look.

I think I remember that video, although I wasn’t able to reproduce the issue in the specified location.

I’ve not seen this issue occur. On what world and location is your beacon on? How many times has it occurred so far?

Thanks for the report, This has been added to the database…

It has happened to me a few times. The next time it happens I will note down the coordinates. Each time it has happened I just return to sanctum to get out of it, or just break the ground to get out of it.

It always seems to be near a decorative flower, and it’s almost always the same kind of flower. I’ve found it’s very reliable, but maybe working with a copy of the place isn’t the same as the actual place. (I have no idea if @vdragon is using a copy or the real server.) I definitely do not go near the places where it happens anymore.

@vdragon Ignore me. My brain took a vacation. It returned today and there’s no problem with coin collecting other than me being brainless. (Was looking at prestige instead of coin - the values were so close at the time that it’s kind of forgivable… kind of?). Sorry!

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You just wanted that number to be coins so much.

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Lmao. I swear, there was such a small difference between prestige and coin at the time. Not anymore, sadly, because I got sick of mining diamonds to make a hammer and just went and bought a diamond and emerald one. I have to pay full tax too. Poor Em! :joy::joy:

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and to think they are the most abundant (together with rubies)
imagine trying to mine other gems haha

isn’t it time to try group meteorite hunts?

good thing is, this situation (as unbalanced as it is) shows the potential of the game - and the planned diversity of gameplay (mine,hunt, buy, exchange - do whatever suits you to get what you need/want)

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I killed my first road runner thingy last night. I was immensely proud of myself for catching it. And then I just felt mean for killing it. Until I ran up and got the oort stone. All’s fair in love and war. Road runner was cute, but oort is better. I haven’t spent half as much time on my hunter as I should. I’ll play it more and get more hunt ready. Only level 15 at the moment. :joy: