Release 188: Brews, Bombs, Rage, Focus, Revive and Atlases!

So to be able to make machines we need to select the “machines future update” skill? … After seeing that I didn’t select it thinking we will just be able to make an initial machine in the workshop machine.

Yes, you will need at least “Common Engine Recipes” if you want to progress or compact coal. “Advanced Engine Recipes” is required for all of the late game crafting and to help simplify things. Both will help to also reduce crafting times drastically. 6+ hrs for Compact Hard Coal down to 1 hr 40 mins. when you have enough power.

Thanks, …I’m going to have to wait until next week now before I can do another skill reset :neutral_face:

You should still have some cleanse points too unless you used those as well? If not, nothing beats spending a week just farming stuff and cramming it in storage boxes. :joy:

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I think I have used them too … I’ll check when I get home from work … I’ve made a few atlases so I’ll be trying them out in the meantime :grin:

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I played away with engines to find a way to start over without grinding for all needed ingredients (aiming at newer players who didnt have a chance to collect riches of resources or coins).
I investigated maximum power needed and how to set up just enough engines to be able to craft everything.

Hope some will find it useful.


Does “amalgams” means just amalgam (mercury alloy) or something like mixture? I don’t sure how it must be actually translated.

Oh, shady masters, we really must to eat that?!

@james, why you use “engines” more often than “coils”? Does “coils” isn’t accurate word or we will see another types of engines in future?

Amalgams - means a blend / mixture here.

Because they got renamed during development. Player facing names are often chosen once the feature is in game.


So, I shall translate “engine” as well as “coil” in same maner as an “induction coil”. Is it a right idea?

Does here or below must be “if a Focus skill is active”?
“RvsR and FvsF” or “RvsF and FvsR” or both FFA? :blush:

Good new: @6ATBA works with fonts and hopefully we’ll have cyrillic fonts very soon :wink:


I love the idea of engines and brews! I was so excited about this update!!

However, I logged in and was overwhelmed. My machines make a lot of things now, and they are hard to organize and figure out where to start.

It reminds me of when I would play modded Minecraft. You see a cool thing on the recipe list and are like “Oh that is cool! I want to make that!” but then, by the time you back track it, the machines needed the process needed…it just gets so overwhelming!

In short, I like the fantasy of Engines and Brews! I want to make Food and Potions! I can’t wait!

I wish the UI would help guide me on how to make the pieces that make up the whole instead of having to click out, search for where the piece is made and then looking up the new recipe. As it stands now, my head just starts to hurt trying to figure it all out.

Possible Solution:
I hate giving feedback without options that would help solve it! Like, I wish machines linked! So that instead of having to click around I could just use one master control and then I could just start at the recipe start and just work my way through using one point of entry.

Just my two cents! Eager to jump in!