Release 190 - Report issue here

Small naming bug: Trapdoors and Doors both get called Door when looking at a shop stand they are selling in.

I was a little baffled when you said Widescreen skill, but I know you meant Widescan.

Yes, it’s not made clear what the 75% value was for, and there’s also other issues with the skills themselves, so I’ve added this to the database.

I’ll add a note to the database for someone to look at.

Same issue as reported already. We have pushed a change to the testing branch that changes the message here, so it should be on the live game soon.

I’ve looked in this for you and it will show the location of desired resources. It’s just that there’s a delay in doing so. Nevertheless, I’ll add this to the bug database.

You’re right. I’ll update the existing bug report.

As in the owner of the shop stand that can see this, or a potential customer looking at someone else’s shop stand?

Only tested as owner of the shop stand. Will edit this if i see both in someone else’s shop.

Tax calculation display on selling is different in the set price dialog than in the For Sale section of the hop stand. It looks like a round/floor difference:


when I’m just grappling around it doesn’t much bother me but when I am working with it in say a high cealing or wall the sound always bugs the heII out of me! I always bring up my menu to kill the sound.

So I made a post about a bug I experienced a few weeks back, and I haven’t heard anything since. I’d like to bring it up again because it halted a project I was working on, and I’ve lost plots over it. I’ve linked to it here. James responded to it initially, but I just wanted to make sure others see it by posting it here.

Have noticed that when you go through a portal, it displays name of the last planet you were on AND the planet you go to. Also it displays “level 2 shock world world” Or however. It displays ‘world’ twice. xD

I can’t reproduce this, although you have provided screenshots as proof. What items were you selling here?

We’ll lower the volume so that it’s not so loud.

I had a look at the area and can confirm that it’s just not possible to add plots for some reason, so it’s definitely a bug and I’ve added it to the database for someone to look into it further.

Was this occurring with any particular portal? I haven’t seen this so far.

It’s definitely a bug, so I’ll add it to the database.


It happens on all of my plinths with all of my goods. Might be since my alt that owns the beacon has tax reduction skill and my alt that does my trading & crafting (with which I took the screenshot) does not?

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@vdragon it is a temporary difference only on that menu. Once you select enter the item will display the correct tax info on the stand. It is easily replicable with two characters one with tax reduction (being the owner) and one without.


Thank you so much! Is there any possible way to get those plots back? The plots were taken away from my character without actually plotting the land, which is rather unfortunate since plots are a valuable resource.

Regardless, I’ll figure out something else for my build until I can plot around/through that area. Or maybe I’ll leave it and some people will have to be chill with a kind-of-ugly line of stone in the sky for a while. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

eek i found a bug, i don’t know it already been report but i cannot cancel item crafting in extractor and might be same as other

Just check your inventory or machine inventory so there is enough space for the items to go when you cancel the crafting. I had that problem on some occasion.

Your problem might be different ofcourse.

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it is available
not that

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I’m not sure if this is been mentioned before, but I noticed that when it is raining, I often get large raindrop ambient effects inside of my build . I don’t mean full on rain weather effect but like a droplet ambient effects if that makes any sense. This may be intended for some conditions but it feels like a bug whenever I’m on the first floor of a multi-core building and the roof is leaking!


i notice that as well

Glue displays incorrectly in shop stand tooltips:


just crashed with the hunting group, some people were able to get back in right away, but I usually quit to desktop and log back in because when I would hit reconnect it would say that i’m already logged in and I would have to quit the game anyway.
upon clicking in the grey screen, I now see the boundless splash screen.
still, as I write this.

ok wow I just got to sanctum. that took like 7 minutes.

Running on ice is slower than running on other terrain, which is fine. However, I’ve noticed I can still run full-speed if I hug a wall of any size (even one voxel, as pictured below). This seems like it shouldn’t happen, is it a bug?

In case it matters, my Agility is 50 and sprint speed is 7 m/s


I’ve seen this behaviour too (use it often). I’ve only seen it happen on 1 block tall ice ledges, haven’t attempted to reproduce using higher walls to “hug”.

Works when you aim slightly towards the ledge, so you stay in contact while running. Works in all 8 directions including 45’ sloped walls, completely reproducible on any planet.