Release 192: Balance, Fixes and Polish!


“I’m tempted to make the Sackcloth recipe need 2 fibrous leaves rather than 3 because the main material in a tool (e.g. Copper or Iron) should be the most valuable thing in the tool.”

Please do this!


How do you calculate costs?


Same way as we all do. Look for prices that items are sold at. Multiple them by required mats then divide by output. A little bit of dimensional analysis goes a long way!


While I do agree that the influence of the clothsack is odd, I have to admit that the progression in the cost of tools feels much better. Previously, (as you know) the iron and copper tools used to cost about 30-50 to manufacture.

You should’ve been playing during the 180/50 conversion. Boy, was that a bit of an issue. The point still stands that these items do heavily influence the price, but I think the issue lies more on the difference between late game mining and late game gathering. Iron and copper are literally everywhere in a late player’s life cycle. If the fibrous leaf drop rate increased on T3 planets at the same rate that the metals drop and they become as plentiful on those worlds instead of just the homeworlds as @olliepurkiss describes then we will see shifts in the prices. Unfortunately, I am on the fence about increasing the drop rate of the leaves because of where the tool prices are at.

The amount of time it takes for a beginner player to gather the necessary metal and leaves are about the same in order to craft the tools (assuming they are not playing the market this early in the game). IF we did not see an overabundance of the metals along with similar usability, higher metal prices would surely reflect in the finished price, but the disparity in late game drops is what affects this the most.


Updated OP with details of Release 192.4.

About those power coils


Now just wished i didnt mass all dem sacks last night hehe. Excited to see what the new wear is like on masses


Thank you thank you thank you


I cannot get into the game. Every time I try it tells me " Client is out of date. Please exit and wait for update." This has been happening for about 2 hours. Steam client is up to date. I have a friend that is in same region as I am that has gotten into the game.


restart steam so it ll download the update [ @Septdawn ]


I have restarted Steam several times and still nothing.


than i don’t know, first time i hear about this happening… @james might help you

[edit: @Septdawn : the only thing i noticed and may be related to your issue is that my antivirus (avast, free) every update of boundless, once downloaded, stop the game from starting and make a chek… than it says “everything it’s ok” and game starts ]


a) Use Steam->Exit to force it to quit. The X to close does not exit Steam.
b) If that does not work try in Steam right click on Boundless->Properties->Local Files->Verify Integrity Of Game Files.


Got it. Cleared Steam download cache and when I logged back in, it downloaded the update. Thank you for the help! :wink:


Ty ty, great QoL improvement!


Updated OP with details of Release 192.5.


Updated OP with details of Release 192.6.


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