Release 195: Centraforge Gear and Epic Skills!

If I have a level 50 mining character spec’d, how long do the developers think it should take to work off the death penalty? I am estimating 5+ hours of mining. This seems like a lot when if I was a hunter it would probably could be addressed by a single hunt (tag 20 cuttles that die for 1000xp per).

I can mine roughly 57 blocks (non-ore) in about 30 seconds then rest for 6-7 seconds to recharge energy. Spending 20%+ of my time resting is frustrating, but I am hoping I can find a better mix of skills to do something about that. (Suggestions on addressing this are very welcome btw).


It used to be like that since a few months now and characters that i used up the reset have it again.
But of course there is no guarantee it will stay like this in 1.0

Ah I must of missed it, I didn’t notice it in the new skill system apart from the 3 skill points you can reset or buying a full skill reset for I think it’s 800 cubits.

The 2 m magnetic distance for default items and character needs to be returned. We are back to the 1 m distance we had last year and it makes it impossible to do building and grab things unless you are right on the block. Because of how blocks fall they do not always fall right beside you even when under them. So you lose stuff especially while grappled or on edges or trying to hit a block 1 level below you. Even a new character can’t hit things with a totem and pick them up unless we are literally on it. You give use a control distance of MANY blocks but restrict us with a pick up of 1 block. This is not fair and caused undue efforts to make sure we get things. At a low level this really hurts when you are on an edge or near Lava, etc.

You all should not have nerfed and removed this feature when you created the forge. I get the need to add traits and stuff to the forge but this 2 m option should have stayed on our characters by default. You could have a forge magnet option of 3, 4, 5, 6 m or whatever.

Please return this back to 2 m default to make beginners and everyone have a bit easier life.


I second this - 2m really does feel mandatory by default. The magnetic range from the forge is great - but should be in addition.


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I will third this. I am tired of having to lower from my grapple to get stuff. . the change is another that is adding a lot of time to the game. . and not adding enjoyment.


I thought sth was weird when I was building set for the door video in testing 194. Often when I broke door pieces they were dropping away from me and I had to get really close to attract them. I was blaming ice and a few other things - but it felt wrong after what we were used to in 193 and previous versions.


Finally got around to making a couple of things in the Forge. I think when 1.0 comes it won’t be at the top of my list of must have machines. After all the material gathering and ingredient crafting etc put in a steel hammer and added as many boons as possible or whatever it is you do then after the setting resin had to wait a further hour just for it to finish. Apart from it being able to glow in the dark which was useful for mining it was pretty quick and made short work of rocks and resources on Therka … it also made short work of It’s self as after just 15 minutes of use it was almost half way through it’s durability. The extra speed and glow was nice but certainly didn’t justify all the time and effort just for that. As there’s so much of a random element this is certainly not one for me. I’ll probably have a little dabble with it when I’ve nothing left to do but other than that I’ll pass on this one.


Found how to do the skill reset, there’s a tab right at the bottom of the skill system. It say’s you get 3 free skill resets. Does anyone know if it’s just the 3 and then after that you pay for them or do you get 1 free reset each month after you’ve used those 3?

i dont know who was asking abo9ut the stats that are missing from tools/weapons etc… (i have scrolled a few posts)

but i would like to say that it looks like they were moved to the skills list (if you can see it on the screenshot below)

For an example of how to use the forge successfully, can someone describe What gums or pastes or compounds and how many are needed to make a slingbow fire like the ruby slingbow did before the recent changes? 40 range would be one part, not sure if any other boons are needed.

You can use this handy chart:

So that would be longevity gum + any boon compounds

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Thanks! That looks helpful. When I tried before, not having much idea what they did, I guessed wrong and I definitely used the wrong gums.

Are all the boons on that chart? I don’t see many that apply to chisels, spammers or tools. Isn’t there a boon for hitting multiple blocks?
Do the 'Y’s in the columns mean those are the only boons that will be applied to that type of item?

I’m probably wrong but I think there’s only a very few that you can use the gums etc to help add specific traits, the rest is pretty much up to chance as far as I can tell. I was trying to make some grapples that behaved like the old gold ones in that they automatically reel you in. Managed to make one but then the next 2 just ended up with extra durability … and maybe a little bit of extra range … not a great deal better than the current gold grapple.


I got silver grapple with automatic reel in when recording for tutorial. Brilliant! However it was random, of course.
Will record another part tomorrow hopefully, where I will be showing to what degree you can control the process.


All the AoE boons are there. It is as complete as my information - if you have additional data please share and I’ll update :slight_smile:

Or there’s my thread from a while back:

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This ties into the problem with the specialisation forced by skills now too. You can’t just go somewhere to kill for a while to clear it, because one’d likely get killed on a mining specced character.

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