Release 196: Meteorite Lives!

@Zina This is maybe the Last Chance to get something out of your head before they seal the deal. And i for myself will not accept to be ignored in these last days.

But i totally understand you, they just are doing their job and we maybe do not see the forrest for its trees.

But man, i put Over 900 hours into this Game and a lot of those hours just to fix the “Broken Claim” issues and helped newbs and so on, to just get ignored by the Devs now. This Feels really nice :stuck_out_tongue:

I for myself won’t stop flaming till someone official has the grace to atleast answer my former posts :slight_smile:

I never said it wouldn’t be possible, I only said it would be harder.

Why does everyone hate a challenge?

If oort is rarer, you will have to be smarter with your use of it, and if you want a huge portal hub you will have to work harder to fuel it

Where is the problem? Seems like everyone wants to do everything but not work for it. That’s bad gameplay for an MMO. There has to be challenging content or people will get bored fast

Now, I already said it might be too low. I’m not in charge of the balance of all this. But I don’t mind a challenge!

If you consider the farming for everything else, its not a Challenge, its just pure Work… If i’d wanted to do the same thing over and over again to just keep my stuff running, i’d apply for a Factory Job and don’t play a Game…

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No quite sure I understand the question here. But all your current character names will be reserved for you when the new Universe is live.

We’ve been actively discussing changes in this area over the past few days. We fully understand that new players need an ability to experiment and learn the skill system when they’re still new to the game. It’s a big concern and we’re trying to find a solution that is clear and feels positive for all players.

Roughly options are:

  1. Always award 1x cleanse point per level up. (Enough?)
  2. Allow infinite cleanse points until the player hits a particular level. (Although there are concerns about this being abused with Alts, and losing the free resets may seem like a punishment.)
  3. Gifting a collection of cleanse points early in the game, but this doesn’t mean they’re not wasted.

We’ve yet to find a solution we’re particularly happy with.


very true, without challenge , games die. Ever plugged in a cheat to get the best of everything, then quit playing the game?

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But night doesn’t fall until you can craft torches.

(We switched away from freely gifting the Light Cube simply because it needed to be free but was still useless - so it wasn’t really doing the job of making sure players were comfortable spawning into the game at night. The simplest solution (but can appear a little strange) is just to lock the day / night cycle to day until the player is ready to experience night.)


@james Okay, so if you never get the ability to craft Torches, its Day Forever?

That seems like the simplest solution. Give a free cleanse point every level until level 10 or so, then a free point every 5 levels after that. Something like that.


Even Simpler, Reset Costs 10000 Coins at Sanctum Dude. Boom Problem Solved.

How about 1 free skill reset per month and 2 skill point resets per level?

Edit: with skill point resets capped at 5 so you can at least modify epics

It really worked well for me without the the light cube.
Basic Torches are cheap enought to craft and don’t require a skill to unlock.
And it cleans up the tutorial nicely which I perceived very positively.


This is counter-intuitive. It may be simplest to implement, but it leads to more confusion and inconsistency when you’re gating major features of a game that are already familiar to players from years of Minecraft and similar games.

Which post?

How does one abuse 2? Are cleanse points account-wide? I figured they were character based so if you get them on an alt it’s only relevant if you care for that alt. (And you have to buy an alt.)

I prefer 1. but I think you could do a hard limit too so that you can’t store too many and avoid resets, and you get enough to tidy up mistakes.
As an aside, running through the tutorials on testing I’m struck by the equipment dropping out of hand slots is still there and how much friction it adds to the early game experience.

There is a point where the day / night cycle starts ticking and it’s roughly when you can craft a torch, ie. you’re ready to face night. (I’d have to look at the game code to know the exact trigger.)

Release 196: Meteorite Lives! Which is a Pissed of Collection of Everything else you ignored over the last Months

I made a basic torch just fine without putting points into any crafting skills.


they are not.

they are!

man, you should really play the game, it would answer like half of your questions.


Each new character created gets 1 full reset, and 2 cleanse points. Starting at level 5, you get 1 cleanse point every 5 levels. That’s it. This should allow some experimentation, but it’s mostly there for mistakes made. Anything else should require cubits.

It’s definitely simple. But it doesn’t allow for experimentation.

Each Level you’re given 2 skill points and (say) 1 cleanse point. This means that you can only correct 1 preview selection. This is a fine solution is we want people to modify their selection. But it doesn’t allow them to truly experiment.