Release 196: Meteorite Lives!

I don’t think that’s at all the case… it may be an mmo, but the game is most overtly a mine/build sandbox and I think most people will main spec mining with an emphasis on crafting their own tools.

Also, you start the game with a light source in your inventory and blocks like gleam can be mined that produce a steady source of light.

No offense intended, but have you purchased the game yet? I would imagine that a few hours in game experiencing the actual flow of the game may answer a great many of your questions and may lead to new and better informed questions you may ask.


The initial tutorial ends without needing any points. But when it does ask you to spend points it does not tell you that they are perm decisions unless you spend cubits to undo. Immediately after the initial tutorial it moves to the set of journal entries where you start doing things and in those for you to progress at all in the game you need to either acquire things or make them. So most people will make stuff which means you have to put points into building, etc…

But what if you decide later on you do not want to be that person… You cannot without cubit costs. That is where the problem really lies. Not everyone will know what class they want to do and since you are not like WOW or other games where you CLEARLY pick your class then you set yourself up for a major issue. Either give CLEAR class definition immediately on start or give people some cleanse points freely to adjust their specs later without cubit costs.


Light sources are no longer given. You must craft torches if you want to see at night.

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I like that Oort is rarer… it might be too rare, but rarer is good.

The game needs portals… but let’s face it, there are maybe too many lol. Its too easy to link EVERYTHING which takes a bit away from exploring and using warp augments which are really really cool

So I expect the Vulpto hub to come back (not in Vulp, you know what I mean) but maybe there won’t be 10 other similar hubs and a ton of redundancy

Okay, i have to be real here. I consider myself a Solo Player and with the Current Changes you are making it very hard for me to carry on. Do i really have to farm my ass off now (to craft Potions), just to attend a Meteor to have the possibility of Looting stuff (I never had a Meteor run i not died on…)
And what is it with the Colors, it (sorry for that language) looks like ■■■■. Everything is so Plastic, this isn’t the game i bought anymore…

And why Teleport away from your Corpse if you died? This is so annoying, most of the Time i stand in Lava Lakes or on Top of Mountains and Die again while trying to get back, give at least markers or something like that…

And what is about the Weird Walking, do i just have to live with that now? That stairs are a little too high for me and i have to run straight up or Jump to use them?

Only one Character Slot in Release? Nice… Because i just don’t payed enough for this Game… I think you forget that, but your game is Borderline expensive, if you try to cash out everyone this hard now, good luck finding Players…

The German Translation is Absolutely Cringy, Please let a German Translate it…

IMHO you are rushing the Release now, but why? Chill your Pants again and get back to good work instead of Wokrarrounding your way to release. I thought you were better than that…

I think this is the answer. Either one.

If you want to explore you can, if you want to use warp augments you can, I would prefer a well thought out portal network. Everyone can play the game the way they want to, does every one have enjoy exploring the same as you seem to? There are a number of people/guilds that want to run portal networks. . there is going to be overlap. It is the same as stores. . you can argue there are too many stores and maybe we need fewer. Who is going to decide who gets to open a store and who does not? Who decides how many portals are too many and who gets to open and run the ones that are allowed?

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First off thanks for all the info on what’s coming and what is. I gained goosebumps on my skin while reading the announcement. Then I gained a rashed skin when I read deeper and signed in.
(please read all of this before posting a reply)

There is some hate about cleanse points costing cubits. To me this is perfectly normal in all mmo’s. However until level 10ish in all mmo’s you can respec/clense a few times for free. As a new player it’s expected to have trial and error that you shouldn’t have to pay for with real money.

What does irritate me to no end is that your making us Pay real money NOW to use our 3 characters to keep testing (having to buy the other 2 out of debt),and paying real money Now before live or the new universe to keep testing and playing with different builds and cleansing.

WTF? You want us to keep testing and giving feedback, don’t charge us now. Most of us already splurged and spent a ton of money on upgraded accounts. This to me is an announcement that your milking us (your backers) before it even goes live. We’re down to one character now in live, and for me I WILL NOT spend money to get my other 2 out of debt jail to keep testing for you BULLCRAP! You want me to keep playing and testing you let me do it with what I want to test with. Not force me to use one character, then SPEND money for clense points so I can keep testing. You can’t make us spend more money on something we can’t use in live. That’s unjust.

I will not play until the new universe is live now. I will not spend money to get my other 2 characters out of debt. We are pretty much forced into crafter, hunter, gatherer, builder. Being a crafter will be most boring because you literally can’t do anything else well, but stand there feeding machines all day. You will have to spend real money if you want to do anything else in the game at all, other than one thing. That is not boundless, its cashless. Unless cubits are dirt cheap.

Even Jiivita recognized that even to start in this new build, one really needs to have at least a gatherer, because by level ten you already have to start spending points that really define your specific needs, just to go through the tutorial and making it off to other planets. That again isn’t boundless. Its a roadblock thrown in , and is fixed by buying your way around it. I DO fully understand cash shops and their need. BUT you shouldn’t force us to have so many limits in areas that make us spend money. We all have to start off crafting. Advertise the game that it’s 39.00 bucks, but you will need so many cubits if you want to move into any other play mode than what you have to be in the beginning tutorial.

EDIT (egg on the face) I will leave this whole thing up because I will own up to my mistakes. But I did see that my other 2 characters are there. In game however it says I only have 1 of 10 available, leaving me to believe that the others were gone and would have to buy them back. James notes actually say it’s this way so I am confused why I can even access my other 2.

I started on testing 2 hours ago and I already made enough cubits for 24 plots and my 2nd character. Nobody’s forcing you to spend any money - they are basically just gating creating a second character behind a few hours of playtime and a bit of experience - things you need before worrying about a second character anyway.


I can totally sign this… Devs are playing with our trust here. They shouldn’t have started this Realmoney Bullcrap at all, now they got Dollarsigns in their eyes i think…

@OmniUno I don’t know, the Game is called Boundless, but i don’t feel Boundless if i have to play just the Way the Devs want me to… I can’t even delete my Char and Start new

@Raziels01 Actually it is needed. There is always a need to keep a game running. If you want it to be a round a while at least. I just don’t want forced road blocks that cost me either real money or limits my character. In this case you spend cubits earned on plots. If you use those cubits on having to have a second character in order to gather what your crafter needs, (or cleanse points to be a gatherer) now you don’t have all your plots. The point is in the end you will have no choice but to buy cubits in order to get what I thought was a maxed character and it’s plots, and it’s skill sets without having to buy cubits.

This actually seems impossible the way it all reads. Maybe I jumping the gun a lot. Or am pretty ignorant with emotional concerns. And if I am wrong all together then others who feel as I do can be educated through the following comments, and may not make similar claims. I am all about blowing money on things to decor my characters and stuff. It becomes a grudge to feel like it’s forced.

@Zina This is maybe the Last Chance to get something out of your head before they seal the deal. And i for myself will not accept to be ignored in these last days.

But i totally understand you, they just are doing their job and we maybe do not see the forrest for its trees.

But man, i put Over 900 hours into this Game and a lot of those hours just to fix the “Broken Claim” issues and helped newbs and so on, to just get ignored by the Devs now. This Feels really nice :stuck_out_tongue:

I for myself won’t stop flaming till someone official has the grace to atleast answer my former posts :slight_smile:

I never said it wouldn’t be possible, I only said it would be harder.

Why does everyone hate a challenge?

If oort is rarer, you will have to be smarter with your use of it, and if you want a huge portal hub you will have to work harder to fuel it

Where is the problem? Seems like everyone wants to do everything but not work for it. That’s bad gameplay for an MMO. There has to be challenging content or people will get bored fast

Now, I already said it might be too low. I’m not in charge of the balance of all this. But I don’t mind a challenge!

If you consider the farming for everything else, its not a Challenge, its just pure Work… If i’d wanted to do the same thing over and over again to just keep my stuff running, i’d apply for a Factory Job and don’t play a Game…

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No quite sure I understand the question here. But all your current character names will be reserved for you when the new Universe is live.

We’ve been actively discussing changes in this area over the past few days. We fully understand that new players need an ability to experiment and learn the skill system when they’re still new to the game. It’s a big concern and we’re trying to find a solution that is clear and feels positive for all players.

Roughly options are:

  1. Always award 1x cleanse point per level up. (Enough?)
  2. Allow infinite cleanse points until the player hits a particular level. (Although there are concerns about this being abused with Alts, and losing the free resets may seem like a punishment.)
  3. Gifting a collection of cleanse points early in the game, but this doesn’t mean they’re not wasted.

We’ve yet to find a solution we’re particularly happy with.


very true, without challenge , games die. Ever plugged in a cheat to get the best of everything, then quit playing the game?

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But night doesn’t fall until you can craft torches.

(We switched away from freely gifting the Light Cube simply because it needed to be free but was still useless - so it wasn’t really doing the job of making sure players were comfortable spawning into the game at night. The simplest solution (but can appear a little strange) is just to lock the day / night cycle to day until the player is ready to experience night.)


@james Okay, so if you never get the ability to craft Torches, its Day Forever?

That seems like the simplest solution. Give a free cleanse point every level until level 10 or so, then a free point every 5 levels after that. Something like that.


Even Simpler, Reset Costs 10000 Coins at Sanctum Dude. Boom Problem Solved.