Release 196: Meteorite Lives!

How do you mean that there is no real hunting in the game? Ambient creatures (ie. non-meteorite creatures) are configured to spawn on all worlds in all forms.

But yes, currently Oort stone only comes from Meteorites.

Players were asking for events. Yes, no one was asking for meteorite events. But this was our implementation to deliver a heavier hit of combat.

This is a fair request that we have discussed internally.

At the moment the Meteorites are the only path to Oort stones directly, excluding getting them indirectly via trading.

Is it better to have this limited path, to arguably encourage trading?
Or better to have multiple paths, at the risk of lowering drivers to trading?


I like this idea. i am one of the few people that is always running out of plots and feel I need to spend most of my cubits on them.
but then however you take away funds that the game needs to survive. :thinking:


You and I haven’t interacted much. You can ask me to condense my statements down, but please don’t do it for me.

There needs to be normal in the wild monster hunting that is better than it currently is. There needs to be the correct balance for solo meteor play and for group play. James should have understood my recommendation that from my last post saying the overall model makes sense.

Overall I think the whole meteor thing should be relooked at. The community never had a say ultimately… they just showed up one day. At most the only thing it should be giving is Oort with no other rewards is probably what I would say at this point.

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I think having multiple special ores, each with specific requirements to get them, would build an economy of specialization.

You’d have meteorite hunters.

If you added other events, you could have players specialize in those.

In the long term, you might have fishing events, farming events, and the meteorite hunters would need to trade their oortstone with those who specialize in the other events, which may help build an economy?

Just thinking out loud.

We are still getting oortstone special worlds though, yes? So oortstone seams? (along with the other specials ofc)

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I do wonder if a reasonable compromise is to allow free resets 'til you reach your first 100 points & fill your first skill set, then require cubits to do so.


Like I’ve said elsewhere (and of course it’ll be different for everyone) but trading/buying what you need, for me, is completely unfulfilling. I don’t want to go to a shop to buy the thing. It’s akin to paying someone else to level my character.


I’m trying to compare hunting to an old design which isn’t probably that fair to you all.

I mean that the balance is off. I kill and Elite mob on a T2 planet and get 1 meat and 1 tallow. That doesn’t feel “real” for that creature. We need the balance fixed so that lower levels get the amount of rewards they need to scale their character. Then the rewards for a high level character needs to feel good too.

I think we need a clear communication on the loot tables for all mobs so we can balance them with what makes sense and have them scale for difficulty.

How prevalent does the developer team want portals to be? Do you feel the situation we have now with portals all over the place is too much, just right, or not enough?

If you feel it is too much then keep it hard. If not, then make it a bit easier for us solo players. Please remember that “trading” is seen as a “group play” for many solo people. So many people don’t want to participate in the economy. Also solo people won’t likely have a lot of money anyway… so how can they buy stuff? For them a “multiple paths” situation is KEY to feeling the game works for them.

Personally I am fine with hard event… I just want to make sure I can get some Oort that allows me to have a few personal portals running 24/7 for my solo play that doesn’t force me to have to go buy it from people…

If you don’t want to make Oort easy for solo players then PLEASE make is so I can use FUEL to power my warp conduits instead of money so that I can still travel the universe without having to participate in the economy or some group stuff… Let people be hermits if they want to be!


That is assuming people will have it figured out by then. I have like 1500 hours and am still not an expert in it.

The balance is to just let people reset skills until the developers say what “problem” they are trying to solve by removing them from people. What exploit or game dynamic is causing “cleanse points” to be an issue or leading to some unfair type play…


Heh for sure, I prefer your direction but like I said I was looking for a reasonable compromise, given they seem inflexible on the matter.


I am all for that… that does sound cool… but portals are used for other things so I am trying to separate the experiences…

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I think this is important. Rewards have to scale or a player gets bored. If I kill a super hard bad guy and I get the same reward as if I just farmed some low level versions of him, I’d be pretty upset and just stop visiting other places because I wouldn’t feel like i made much progress. These more advanced creatures need to offer something the simple ones don’t.


sounds fair they on my list :smile:


I thought mobs always retaliated before this update anyway …it’s not as if we was on their friends list before :rofl:


I think new people will be more forgiving. They won’t be coming at it from “the way things used to be.” New players will see that they gain plots every level. They’ll see their little hut/cabin/base that they built on a few plots and think, “I can’t wait to have more!” They’ll meet friends and invite friends to join them in their builds. Towns will be built, and soon after, cities and so on. The game will progress just fine, schasm. You’re just used to how you’ve been playing is all.

Side note: I think a couple early cleanse points are essential for honest mistakes and/or early patching changing value of skills.


I never said everything could be done solo. You are not reading what I wrote.

If you read what I said, I specifically stated that Titans were one such item that could not be handled solo. So if you are not going to read my response in its entirety then there is no point in responding at all.

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This has me a little concerned, since almost everyone has made mistakes when choosing skills for their characters. I feel like a good compromise would be giving cleanse points for the first 20 or so levels to lessen the strain and frustration on new players. On top of that, it could be limited to having only up to 3 “level-up” cleanse points at once still.


Updated OP with @Jiivita’s intro to 196.


So anyone wondering about the new functions for the hunts check out my stream of today.

There is many things I discover and it is quite possible to do eaven lvl 3 meteors on lvl 5 planets like on Nasharil. You just need a good tank build with right strategy. I’m I’m mostly taking DMG from environment.

There is a few cool thing I found to. Spitters that has knockback for exampel. The armor symbols underneath the enemy HP bars and crazy hopper squads!

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