Release 196: Meteorite Lives!

The cleanse point thing has got me. Did not expect those to be retracted and replaced with having to buy them.


Just don’t die :slight_smile:

I think this is good, keeps it interesting. If you wanna do a meteorite, you will not be able to corpse drag it, you will either win, or lose. If you lose you still get the dormant reward so its not a complete loss

There is a step in the tutorial just like this already. Shortly after making a campfire it instructs you to upgrade to a beacon and to fuel it


I saw that coming a mile away, I asked about free skill resets ages ago but never got any response from the Devs which spoke volumes.

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Honestly, they are giving us more than enough cubits to cover the difference. I think people may need to relax a bit on this. The exchange has to have some functionality… it isn’t as big a deal as some have been making it.

Maybe if players started out with a Level Up, so the first thing you got to do was decide where to spend the cubits? Give them a feel for the system?

It might not be a particularly big deal but the plot allocation seems to be being slowly eroded away through the eventual need to spend cubits on other things which affects builders the most.


exactly what I pointed out earlier:

  1. Total plots after lvl 50 (pre-exchange) : 320
  2. Total plots after lvl 50 (post-exchange): 300 (if all cubits spent on plots); effectively probably around 280 max.
  3. Total plots after lvl 50 (post 196): 300 (if all cubits spent on plots); effectively, due to higher cubits spending on skill set building/changing etc., probably going down to 260-270; in some cases it might be below 250 (if an inexperienced players makes a lot of mistakes while building their skill sets and then buying cleans points and resets)

Builders are rapidly running out of plots…therefore building opportunities…therefore the will to play beyond a build or two.

Which is astonishing since the universe is going to have a lot of places to build.


Best patch ever!


If you’re planning to solo meteors, pack revive brews for a self revive- that will keep the meteor life buff.


How do you drink a potion when dead? Just seems weird to me, lol.


you drink it just before you die


It applies a buff for a decent period of time. Drink it when you engage the meteor.


Is that actually how it works? Like I’d you see you’re about to die you drink the potion?

Never used them before as I’m a squishy crafter.


Yeah, as havok said it gives you a status effect that allows you to revive yourself when you die, so you drink it when things are going South


I’ll need to remember that.

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i agree so if i make bad choice im stuck with it im pioneer now i think i dont wonna put more into game at moment and im one off the people that will def mess up skilling and im not a new player
before i was half the time wating to level up to get cleanse points and now i have to sacrifice my plots


Yep I’m still messing skills up too. Bit of a kick in the p̶a̶n̶t̶s̶ wallet tbh.


dont know how long you been around but we got a solution from the old days
image lolz