Release 196: Meteorite Lives!


Correct - if you’re hunting alone and are defeated (and haven’t used a revive buff) then the meteorite event will expire. But the solution here is to make sure that the meteorites spawned on Level 3+ worlds are balanced for single players. (Meteorites don’t spawn on the Level 1 and Level 2 spawn worlds.) Which they’re not currently.

  • Level-1 Meteorites on all worlds should be balanced for 1 player.
  • As the world tier increases the challenge for all meteorites increases.

Ambient creatures still spawn and should be more varied now.


yay! I was hoping for this, I was just chiselling yesterday and I’ve got all the energy perks and I was running out of energy after chiselling 4 blocks. Thank you!
what about the rest of the tools though? I’ve been running out of energy with every tool much faster than before…(if I get more data I’ll be more specific in the problems thread)

This is really disappointing for me… it’s a good idea with how it functions and what you guys wanna do with the meteorites… but I was turned off hunting when the meteors became the only way to hunt, I still did it out of necessity and doing it in a group was fun. but the thing is, I die a lot. I am not a super experienced pvp fps type player, I am the epitome of a casual player. so when the rewards for a meteorite become dormant just because you died right before the last creature was killed, even though I participated just as much as everyone else, I get 3 oortstone.
EXTREMELY disheartening. I pretty much stopped going to hunts.
and now, if I die AT ALL during the hunt all I get is dormant loot? NO thank you sir. I will never be hunting.
If it is changing so that if you are solo and you run away from a meteorite and lose this meteorite life it automatically makes that meteorite dormant then maybe that’s how I’ll be getting my oortstone (or whatever the loot will be in 1.0)

Ok I can deal with not having a free full skill reset but the periodic cleanse points are absolutely necessary. A lot of us make mistakes when levelling a character, especially new players (yes I know theres a confirm button but if you try out a skill and its not what you expected or it doesn’t give you the recipe that you thought it would unlock, then theres a mistake).
If you absolutely must charge us for the cleanse points then please reduce the cost. significantly.
or maybe give us more cubits per level, when I first started playing and I realized how few plots I had, I was hoping we would be getting more not less… and now we are getting even less if we want to make any other choices with our cubits… =\

Awesome awesome awesome!! thank you!
great update overall!


If you’re on a group hunt, only 1 person in the group needs to survive with their meteorite life intact. If that happens then all the players that took part can reap the full rewards!

Maybe they could do the same as with the plot purchases… give us options to buy fewer cleanse points for less cubits, so we don’t have to buy 10 cleanse points in one go when we may just need 1 or 2?


There’s a nice tooltip in the HUD above the meteor telling you how many people still have the life


I disagree. . we get fewer plots at level 50 than we do currently even with using all the earned cubits to that point to buy plots. Now I have to use those same cubits for alts, skill sets and if I need a skill reset after I level I have to now use cubits for that. So they are taking away from us and not adding anything of value.


Or maybe they could just give them to us for free like before? There’s other ways to make money. Paying $$ for a game then finding out the skill system itself is a microtransaction money sink is galling. I’d much rather be able to buy items, forge ingredients, whatever - hell give people all the in-game stuff for money. Every player has to work with skills though. From day 1, level 1. Plots too.

It leaves a bad taste, hobbling character customisation systems for money like that. I understand the need to avoid giving competitive advantage in-game to people for cash, and I can sympathise with that aim, but this feels clumsy and like it needs rethinking.


It would be helpful I think if at the very least brand new players on their first character got a few free cleanse points and maybe even one free skill reset. Newbies make lots of mistakes and probably would feel bad to have to waste valuable cubits to fix them. Us veterans can plan ahead a little better, since we know the progression already (though I’m sure we’ll still make mistakes anyways :slight_smile: )


I want to second this. All players should probably start with 1-2 cleanse points for free.


Nah the option is not to “just not die”… it will just be an additional things to a long growing list of things that are likely not played by me and others in the game because of restrictive design, etc.

I’m fine making things hard but to put a single life behind a huge requirement for potions and other people and a million other things just doesn’t make the game fun for many people.

At this point it looks like no Oort anywhere unless you deal with a meteors… really a big nerf from the way the game used to be and the ability of a single player to do stuff.


I have a serious question. Well, two.

Was this game ever billed as being solo-able as easily as a group?


Are you against games like WoW adding Raids that require a certain amount of people? Do you believe 1 person should be allowed to beat a boss raid?


yes it was and is. . the website states go it alone and that implies you can succeed as a solo player.

There is no boss raid currently. And no I do not think a single person should be able to take a titan down when they are introduced


So you can use self-revive brews and beat the meteorites, right? That hasn’t changed, you can still solo the content?


Totally agree.
The 1 free reset, and 1 cleanse point each level to a cap of 3 was a really nice system to get familiar with the game and actually trying out skills without the system being overly punishing for trying to learn the game.
And you still have to buy resets if you want to make big changes.

Another point: How should new players actually know how cleanse points work without trying them for free.


It’s only for money if you choose to go that route… otherwise you can just play and earn the cubits to respec or cleanse points.

This is a very good idea. I was going to suggest as well that maybe you could still earn a cleanse point or 2 every 5-10 levels or something, but starting with them makes sense as well.


Starting with your first humble campfire, will you live a nomadic life in the wild, or found a new settlement with your allies from which to grow your empire?

search far and wide for the rarest crafting materials on your own or with your friends

Go it alone, or find friends

Build on a small scale or large scale, alone or with friends.

On raiding / similar:

Team up with your friends to take on the ancient Protectors and go to war with impossibly huge Titans.

Yes, there should be some content that is only possible in a group unless you are a gifted game player. No, that shouldn’t be the only way to get commonly used/needed items like Oort. Portal travel is a big sell on the site and about the game, it would be foolish to preclude solo players from that experience.

(Not that I think they intentionally will, james has already said the meteors should be possible to do alone here somewhere today iirc.)


This is not a building game at a base foundation any longer… it is a MMO with clear intentions on going that way… less solo more group play…

Unfortunately builders have consistently lost out for 6+ months when they rebalanced the plots and removed the 20 a level we used to get to a smaller amount. Plots are the most money making potential so of course all efforts will be put in to reduce them in a free model. Yes, more people weren’t using their plots as much as some of us, but it is pretty clear why the amount continues to be lowered in the game.


“go it alone” doesn’t imply, whatsoever, in any way, that all content in the game is 100% solo-able. It’s just a way to advertise ways you can play the game.


Did you also read the numbers others put up about plots at cap, with/without spending cubits on skill resets or cleanse points?

My point is not that it’s not possible, it’s that it’s deliberately - like some crappy cashgrab phone game - inconvenient and hobbling to do so without spending cash. It’s gauche to do this and I think it’ll reflect badly on their reputation and therefore income. But it’s their game and if they want to annoy some new players that’s their look out.


As long as you can earn more plots in a reasonable time playing the game I don’t think it’ll matter too much, and as long as we get a reasonable amount of plots to start with.


Yup, I did… but I also know that I can earn cubits indefinitely just by playing the game. Personally, I won’t be taking my wallet out to spend any money on cubits, because I don’t actually feel like I have to… I’ll just keep playing until I earn the cubits I need to do what I want.

I do feel now that thing are more restrictive, but to be completely honest, I expected it to be somewhat like this… all throughout development, new things have been implemented so that as many people can test them as possible, but those things need to be balanced to achieve the MMORPG aspect, so have slowly been taken away and gated to some degree.

I’m fine with the gating… I don’t want a game that I can complete in 3 months and never come back to. I have a Steam library full of those types of game (some with only hours worth of gameplay).

Everything just comes down to balance now and any feedback we give here will help in that final balancing.