Release 196: Meteorite Lives!


And not from Roadrunners? :scream:


I hoped these would be mainly (if not only) accessible through mining as a resource. I mean I hoped it would be like that for release. :pensive:


At one point in time we were going to introduce oortstone as a seam. We still have all the data for it. We have been generating lots of worlds to test for the new universe and an interesting bug has been thrown up. Sometime it appears that 1-4 block of oortstone seam are generated into the world. We have never actual found these blocks, they might not exist at all but then again maybe they do! Will anyone ever find the mythical oortstone seam.


It does, you just can’t catch them with standard bows any more. :wink:


You need to use grapple, not only slingbow. It’s not new. But it was a way to gain a little amounts of oort in starting worlds also.


Yeah I know, I was teasing. Sorry :slight_smile:


How is oortstone going to fit in as a special? You said earlier that each pair of gems / elements has a parent, but oortstone gets left out. I’m just wondering how it fits.


Here @Tobelawe really tease us. I saw blink, rift and dark matter seams, but never saw oort seam :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I for one would have been less critical of the meteor event if you all would have kept roadrunners having Oort and maybe added that Oort seam to places.

I understand and agree that portals should have some challenge but I don’t think they should be so severely limited in where you get the fuel for them…


isnt oort one of the parents?

EDIT: ok, its not - just came back to the original post on it
so it looks like oort is just a high end resource that allows us extract shards as portal fuel


It will be too expensive to maintain portals in new universe…


return brightness of color or return me my money!


Yeah, @james where is old saturated shadows actually?
You don’t think this washed-up picture will stay forever, do you?

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I think he might have been mistaken, I got an oortstone from a roadrunner just yesterday (after 196)


Please don’t make Oort so plentiful that it’s worthless, Devs. I know the meteors need balancing, but the last thing that would help this game is to just dump Oort on us all and kill that side of the economy. Solo players need to work for their Oort, or buy it from shops. Group play should remain the main mode for meteors. Once nobody needs to group up for such activities to get the most (by far) benefit on Oort, the game will begin to die, at least until Titans are released.


Awesome… Thank you for clarifying. I had tried many road runners and received nothing but haven’t tried on latest patch. If the drop is back then that is good… as long as it isn’t T3 planet road runners lol.


I think you’ll find most predominantly independent players do work for their oort or buy it from shops. Solo players can only summon low level meteorites which offer up far less than those from group play. Any solo player that maintains a few portals isn’t some slouch or freeloader.


I disagree strongly. While an individual might not be able to get enough ort to run a portal hub like the portal seekers, they should be able to run a few portals. The constant call that everyone should have to buy things is directly in opposition to how some people might want to play. They might want to buy to save time or due to a crafting limitation, but to be forced into buying ort because they cannot join group hunts and you want solo hunting limited is a bad idea in my opinion.


I Like your thinking but in this circumstance the current balance is really really really off.

Certainly Oort shouldnt grow on tree’s but at the same time Oort does need to be readily available. Most hunters sell there Oort to us merchants and we provide that oort to those who don’t want to hunt the system works out fairly well and Oort for the most part has been a pretty stable commodity.

If Meteors stay the way they currently are Oort prices are going to SKYROCKET, and Portals are going to dry up… Just today ViresSs and I did several meteors 1 hour and 43 minutes worth of hunting a couple lvl 3’s a couple lvl 2’s and a lvl 1… 5 meteors my take at the end was 9 Oortstone thats obsurdly low… One lvl 3 should get that alone… other then the 9 Oorstone I got 1 tech device, 1 medium fossil, 1 titanium ore, 1 silver ore… that was all of the loot from those meteors… which is just crazy…


Actually I would almost disagree. That sounds great and that finally the developers have nerfed the excessive rewards that meteors gave since they were released.

With how many Oort stones and hunts are happening each and every day, a lower reward is good because it doesn’t give us portals everywhere like what immediately showed up once the meteors and group hunts came about. So since people hunt ever day they are going to get plenty even with 9 drops a hunt.

Now does this need to stay that way? I am not sure… But, what I do know is that we need the developers to tell us one thing on how they look at the Universe:

  1. Oort and portals should be readily available to people
  2. Oort and portals should be a rare thing players come across
  3. Or how do they see Oort and portals should exist in the universe…

Once we know their views, then I think we should determine where Oort should come from and by how much we should get for our efforts at various levels.

We really need that input so we all don’t argue among ourselves. It makes no sense to not have some of their input on how popular and accessible are portals and then work as a team to find the right balance for everyone…