Release 196: Meteorite Lives!


sounds fair they on my list :smile:


I thought mobs always retaliated before this update anyway …it’s not as if we was on their friends list before :rofl:


I think new people will be more forgiving. They won’t be coming at it from “the way things used to be.” New players will see that they gain plots every level. They’ll see their little hut/cabin/base that they built on a few plots and think, “I can’t wait to have more!” They’ll meet friends and invite friends to join them in their builds. Towns will be built, and soon after, cities and so on. The game will progress just fine, schasm. You’re just used to how you’ve been playing is all.

Side note: I think a couple early cleanse points are essential for honest mistakes and/or early patching changing value of skills.


I never said everything could be done solo. You are not reading what I wrote.

If you read what I said, I specifically stated that Titans were one such item that could not be handled solo. So if you are not going to read my response in its entirety then there is no point in responding at all.


This has me a little concerned, since almost everyone has made mistakes when choosing skills for their characters. I feel like a good compromise would be giving cleanse points for the first 20 or so levels to lessen the strain and frustration on new players. On top of that, it could be limited to having only up to 3 “level-up” cleanse points at once still.


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So anyone wondering about the new functions for the hunts check out my stream of today.

There is many things I discover and it is quite possible to do eaven lvl 3 meteors on lvl 5 planets like on Nasharil. You just need a good tank build with right strategy. I’m I’m mostly taking DMG from environment.

There is a few cool thing I found to. Spitters that has knockback for exampel. The armor symbols underneath the enemy HP bars and crazy hopper squads!

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See this funny clip to :slight_smile:
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So I just did a solo meteorite, level 1, on Andooweem, and it spawned a big wave of elite wildstock with the bonus health exotic mod…

As a solo player, it must’ve taken 30+ shots from a very well forged slingbow to kill each of them, and there was like 8-10 wildstock it felt like. That’s… pretty ridiculous. I was fortunate enough to have a tree nearby that I could stand on and just dump ammo, wait for energy, dump ammo, wait for energy… but that gameplay feels pretty bad. Might wanna look into it

Also - @Tobelawe mentioned exotic monsters giving extra experience being a thing thats coming, I was hoping we’d see it in this patch, but they do not appear to give any extra experience, which is a bummer. Those Wildstock I killed gave a pittance of experience compared to the effort it took to kill them


I was there and streamed much of the hunt from my perspective as well - the meteorites themselves are a TON of fun like this, I felt like my time was well rewarded loot-wise, and okay ish for experience too


Solo meteorites we feared would be too difficult which then leads to this kinda of anti fun combat. Would you agree that this difficulty of creature would be fine if you only had to kill two as a solo player or if the wave was given to small group of players?


I would agree with that yes. One or two of those hulking things wouldn’t be the end of the world, and with 2-3 more players it would have been a non-issue.

Also if they gave a fat stack of experience for being so beefy, that would help also.

People won’t complain about a challenge if you reward them for enduring/overcoming it :smiley:

But yeah, the wave was just too big for a solo player


There should be no problem doing meteors solo today. Remember that a solo meteorite is always going to take longer time be harder and that’s because you can’t pump ut the same amount of dmg. This is why you need resistance pies, healing, brews revive, brews, Augments, forged weapons.

I also believe that the game should not be focused in to a solo experience like some players think here on the forum. The game should allow you to do solo meteorite but de difficulty should also increase and become extremely hard on planets of highest tiers. I do want some content that is completely focused on the mmo content. And you can join the community hunts without talking to anyone. So I don’t see why you would not be able to do it.

Do you guys mean by solo, gathering all the resources your self? Or do you mean stay away from other players? If it’s the first one the you would not have any problems with community hunts, if it’s the later one well do you know it’s a mmo. And you are trying to play game that purpose is get players together and play as an group. There is other games that do solo experience great and zero multiplayer.


I get the impression a lot of people mean solo as getting the resources yourself rather than just wanting to stay away from everyone else. I personally don’t go on hunts for 2 main reasons, the first being connection issues and huge amounts of lag especially when bombs etc are flying all over the place, at one point this made the game completely unplayable for me. It’s possible since some of the updates that this could be a lot better now but because of my second reason I’ve not been able to find out yet. My second reason is simply because of work, family, home, life in general I can very very rarely get online when hunts are scheduled for and even then I don’t necessarily have the block of time in one sitting to keep up with the hunt or even spend a decent amount of time to get any benefits from it. From what I’ve been reading in many of the threads, solo players (or ‘predominantly independent players’ as I prefer to call them) don’t expect to be able to do high level meteorites on their own they are simply asking for the level of XP, rewards and game play to be balanced as @Aridhol just mentioned with his experience of a large number of elite wildstock with a level 1 meteorite.


I love the community hunts. I’ve been to two total.

But my schedule doesn’t work great timing wise either. If there were more going on, that might not be an issue I guess, but it is what it is

For that reason, I do a lot of solo hunting. I’d rather group up, but the reality is no one wants to go when I do, I’ve asked in discord a few times, and I get no response, so I stopped asking.

Thus, I am doing some solo hunting and meteorites alone. Its not going to be as good as a bit team meteorite hunt, and that’s okay. I just want to feel good about completing the challenge and get a nice little reward from that in the form of xp/loot.

While we are on the subject… I feel like meteorites might should give a bit more completion loot to a solo player? They clearly worked harder for it than a group did, what’s the harm in giving the solo guy an extra 4-5 oort stone? With meteorite lives you now have a solid way of tracking this too!


The has been sevral improvements to the game for the hunts in preformance. so the gmae it self shuld not be a problem.

I completly agree with you

I understand the conserns when you cant join the community hunts, that is a problem but then you should find some players that do whant to hunt during those times dont ask the forum or the discord out in the world serch for players that are active during your times. ive allways done that, finding intruducing new to the hunts.

The main problem with hunts is that almost nobody wants to do them. becaus of the wipe comming soon. why waste time in to it.
second reason most players that do them during hunts tends to stick with that or in some rare cases wont stop hunting like @Dunedragon XD. at the peak time in febuary march we had 25+ players and we had huts every day at difrent times we had also sevral leaders that lead the hunts. so i think the hunts in community hunt is lacking becaus of the wipe on the way.

Here is some of the reasoning for why i dont stand by some of the complains about the solo players cant do this, cant do that. well so far ive not meet a single thing in the game i can’t do it just takes time. and if you decide to do it aloen in a mmo then you should already know this. everything gose faster when work togeather. and thats why i dont want the solo players to ruin the MMO part of this game becuse they complain louder and that the players that like the MMO part of the game dont say anything.

So i realy like the Meteors and i love the path the game is taking towars a realy cool and fun MMO.

Thank you @James and the rest of the devs. this update brougth so mutch more new cool improvements that make the game just more fun. a game is all about challanges and being able to fail a meteorite is going to be super fun, to find new ways to do it. combing skills, forge tools and players specs to find the best way to do it.

I see the increased difficultuy as a good thing as the hunts always been too easy!


There is no doubt that this is a practice that will harms players and benefit operator.
We have already paid the admission fee.
Why make player feel bound?
Is this Boundless???

Stupid changing!


in the short term it will feel limiting… however in the long run i think we will be swimming in cubits :swimming_man: Though i am sad to see the 1 cleanse point per level go :cry:


I hope after wipe you can give a view of the balance of a meteor for an average player without fancy weapons and specialization when you are level 15 (or 20 or whatever is needed) trying to do a meteor alone. Let’s see how many special things and brews and etc you need.

It isn’t only a MMO in the marketing of the product or developer comments and the community really needs to stop using that as an excuse to development decisions that hurt solo play. So people expect “solo” in all aspects.

Solo people usually don’t have an issue with there being a part of a game (if it has MMO components) that require team play, but they expect that most things can be done with out having to interact with people.

If we wanted a true MMO game then you would need to design it as such that you have to specialize as a miner otherwise you couldn’t do any mining, same for hunting, etc. But we don’t have that so we cannot be using the excuse that this is a MMO or forcing people to play as groups.

We just need to balance both aspects within reason. At this point we will see how easy it is to get to a T3 planet, fight a meteor, and how long all of that will take. You likely will be doing it all with the support of your community and PS group, but others will be trying alone.

IF they complain that it is too hard then it is expected that the community should support their wishes and find ways to help balance the game for their style of play. I know I will be supporting them just as much as I try to support group play dynamics.


Updated OP with details of 196.1.


Thanks James!