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A sap looking like glue due to the lightning

In game it looks more whiteish than on screenshot.

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i can confirm this

this is what i THOUGHT was happening:

  • i have a Razor Naga
  • my scroll wheel (i thought) was super sensative
  • thought i was slightly brushing the wheel every so often by accident

After Reading @CreativeWorlds reply

  • I have noticed it quite a few times now (even when not brushing the wheel)
    i am glad to see it is actually an issue that the game will auto-change held items for whatever strange reason

@vdragon i agree this should be seen as a bug

UPDATE - i know @CreativeWorlds is saying that his items are refusing to change but i am just wondering if its part of the same issue?

i always thought of it as a constant stamina replenishing sound

because it only seems to happen just after i have returned to max stamina and wiill stay for up to five minutes (it hapens at random times so i cannot prove exactly what i mean - i hope it is the same as @Karokendo because it is annoying as hell and needs to go!!

FINALLY!!! (there is your proof of the sap @vdragon ) thank the universe for you @sztosz

ALthough i am not getting any lag issue (at all) on any planet… i do notice boundless uses a constant 70 > 80% CPU when i have an i5 quad

(i live 30 miles from the studio in Guildford)

Just done a speed test while playing when my pc is not doing anything i get 76.8 MB/s (DL) when its playing i get lower than 9.5

Another bug i think (or intended?)

With the increased grapple swing speed and height eventually the grapple will unraverl itself so your touching the ground…

May be a bug:

Copper chisel with changer boon does not work on rough or compact gem blocks.

May be a bug #2:

Placing blocks costs stamina but you can continue placing them even when out of stamina.

Possible bug

Spinning the Centraforge not triggering

Stand in your sanctuary and say or shout. You’ll hear it.

With the left hand getting stuck it seems to happen completely at random eg. when im just looking around or even when im using right hand. worth noting im playing on a bootcamped MacBook Pro so using the trackpad.

My wife hasn’t finished the tutorial objectives yet as the it wont complete “add fuel to beacon” objective. shes tried just about all she can to complete it from crafting new ones to even going to different planets and crafting + fueling them. There is also no option to unpin it so she stuck with it up on the screen constantly.

When I was making my 7 alts, I found that you end up setting up and taking down about 3 beacons, because it doesn’t realize that you have already fueled it. To join a settlement, you have to pretty much find a second plot and stick a beacon on it by itself. Otherwise if you claim with the plotter tool and then put the beacon down, the beacon is automatically fueled, thus not finishing the objective.

You also have to stick down a fresh beacon for adding a friend, because it doesn’t count the master beacon if you added a friend to it. So the work around for the tutorial is to make about 3 beacons and a second fuel.

Looks like all mining objectives are tier 1. It is strange to get Stone Chest reward for mining gems :slight_smile:

I was wondering about the upload rate, not the download. What does your task manager say of your upload bandwith rate when boundless is running? (taskmanager, details, performance tab, very bottom “Performance Monitor”, Network tab, boundless.exe, send number & receive)
I have average 2.6 B/s - 6.7 B/s send and 30 - 100 B/s receive. I start lagging/freezing with the high numbers despite low ping. Odd?

with freezes i am not experiencing any i will do the check as i can later and report my findings

When you dig and gather soil near the river you can get interesting water glitches.

Below and above, or on sides of those… triangles? piramids? there is no soil at all.

What you can even do is…

I’m under the surface of the water… and can still breath… and… well here’s another angle.

Blast Shielding Food doesn’t seem to have any effect. This might apply to the other shielding foods as well.
You can see that:

  1. The Level 4 blast shield buff is up
  2. Time until I take damage has ticked down
  3. The only atmos protection I have are shock and chill (both from skill Level 3)

I ate the food before stepping through the portal to serpensarindi

Not sure if this is intended, but just hanging from a grapple and not moving increases your character’s hunger, and will lead to you dying of starvation if you go afk for a few minutes.

I am crashing to desktop when trying to add sapphire to atlas :cry: GG Devs you win

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That’s a hell of an atlas!!! … +2.025 damage!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Quest/Objective “New World Order” says to craft a warp augment in a workbench. I just did and picked it up into my inventory but the quest did not update.

Still frequent “unplayable” situations and once they start they just keep coming. Usually start when I approach the Lambis teleport hub and teleport. Chunk download size is at minimum, according to taskmanager boundless.exe traffic goes up to 2.2 Mbps when that happens. My internet connection is 15-18 Mbps and nobody else uses this channel on the router and we’ve ensured per netlimiter that the upload bandwith we have gives Boundless at least 1 Mbps as well.

Edit: Usually “failed and retried chunks” is increasing in number when that happens too. Just went up from 1 previously to 4.

Read the description on the Chisel.