Release 201: Quality of Life and Bug Fixes!


You are missing the point. The entire animation is not part of the delay, just the fraction of a second trigger. If it triggers in the latency window, the entire animation has to play out.


no it does not it was a beyond STUPID move end of story.


This boon change makes me feel like the devs don’t understand forging at all. No one uses defect or quirk or unstable ■■■■ at all. All this garbage is useless. Theres like 8 materials that are used in the forge and thats it, because forging with defects or quirks instead of straight boons is idiotic. The whole forge material system needs to be reworked. Making one of the few things people use to forge harder to make is solving things? Cmon wonderstruck what is with these patches. You are making yourselves seem out of touch with your own game. Between this forging stuff and huge dead areas on the talent tree, regen issues making end game farming problematic, huge material imbalances namely shimmering orbs being used for EVERYTHING in end game but glow cap spawns being tiny and far between while shadow orbs arent used for diddly in comparison, bombs are USELESS aside from healing after the mining nerf and if there was any other way to heal in the game at all no one would ever use them. all this ■■■■ makes you seem totally out of touch with your own game and removes my confidence in you as a dev team. I have a feeling a lot of other players in end game feel this way and each patch seems to be making it worse. I love this game a lot and you’ve made something awesome but this needs to change or the playerbase will turn against you and just stop playing, and I don’t want to see this game die.


You do realize this is exactly the devs’ point right? Pure boon compound is better than the others so it should not also be easier to craft. Also, I’m sure the devs know exactly what items are being used in forging while your information is based only on your own experience and maybe that of a few of your friends.

Please don’t try to represent your own overreactions and hyperbole as typical of the player base.


just act as if the dying creature still has some momentum to knock ur teeth in while being a corpse ;D

@Chompers looks like u didnt understand forging at all: the best outcome u got anyway by mixing all boon compounds. start with pure boon cause then quirk and defect is not ticking. then u can continue with quirk for example. its highly unlikely that u even get any quirks even when accumulating many quirk points because quirks need many points and new points often (always? idk) get channeled into new quirks instead of activating the incomplete ones. Just see that u dont get too much defects.
Mixing compounds while forging was way better than just using one type and now even more so


That’s not entirely true, according to Doherty Threshold’s Law if there is response to action under 400ms you should register this as, maybe not instantaneous, but something you don’t have to wait. If I shoot a Wildstock, and it’s able to start to run, run for few meters, pass me by, and die behind my back… it’s certainly not few milliseconds, it’s not even the latency I have (let’s say it’s 125 sec, when playing on US server from EU, the one that is showing in right upper corner) times two, it’s way more than that.

There were more posts about animations and such. I won’t quote them, but what I observed is that when you use fast weapon, for example a slingbow, if you have still being animated instead of dropping dead creature, and shoot it again then instead of finishing animation, and potentially damaging you it burst into loot. So I have reasons to believe that there may be some problem with animations and death synchronization, because IMHO if the case of 1 sec prediction was true… it should finish attacking anyway, and not burst into loot.

Also on a side not, I had cases of resurrection. Being killed by creature that I killed just milliseconds ago, laying dead, and boom, suddenly up again with same low health I had before the death experience.


can’t wait till the next patch when cooked meat will require a Titanium furnace and compacted hard coal to cook because currently its a bug so a fix was done, not a nerf mind you but a fix.Quality of life change.


Just FYI - The original quote is actually, “fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me,” although I know Bush made this version popular.


Were there multiple creatures involved? I’ve noticed it will let you hit a creature and appear to take its HP but then another creature that is “already dead” you just killed in the action window will soak up that hit instead after a recalc by the server. As if it’s correcting the client that actually that first creature was still alive when I took the subsequent shot so that damage belongs to it (even though its HP are already 0).


I remember having it twice, and there were no other creatures involved nearby, at least nowhere near the path of shot. Numerous times I died at the same moment as creature dies. I shoot, creature shrug it off, shoot me, I die, and on post-mortem screen, I see creature dying too. But at least twice i had this resurrection thingies. In every case, simultaneous death, and resurrection ones I was fighting one bad-ass creature, or two, but they were not next to each other, but rather few meters apart at least.


Ah interesting, I see thanks. Not seen that yet myself! I’ll keep an eye out for it.


We’ve been asking/suggesting that since pre-wipe … hardly a game breaking thing but definitely a good QOL one. I haven’t got any power coils yet but pre-wipe I had 24 on half my machines and it was definitely a pain to keep having to repair each and every single one of them individually.



Yeah, insanely rare , made a change from the regular drops though


Quote corrected :slight_smile:
So I can now comment on the ’ you lost a lot of players today ’ part as well.

Just because folk say they are leaving does not mean they are and I am sure your friends list is not teens of thousands so you really cannot speak for a player base.

Your comment should have been. ’ You lost ME as a player today ’

This game isn’t for everyone though


For those that want to build, the game is getting harder and harder and harder with each patch. Things take longer to craft and require more materials. Forging is now more challenging and therefore forged items will go up in price. As someone who primarily plays this game as a builder, I’m disheartened by the consistent increase in “grind” within this game but I trust Wonderstruck and this dev team and am excited to see what Boundless has next.


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