Release 201: Quality of Life and Bug Fixes!


Hi everyone,

We’ve spent a lot of time looking through your feedback and bug reports, and wanted to get some of the biggest issues resolved as soon as possible; which has been the main focus of this update.

There’s plenty more for us to do in terms of bug fixes, balance and quality of life changes, as well as some cool new features which are being worked on as we speak. So if you reported an issue recently and can’t see it fixed in this update, have no fear - we’re working on it!

Please report all issues in the support category as separate threads.

Release Notes

Crafting + Resources + Equipment:

  • Forged Energy Restoration and Cleanse Bombs functionality have been rolled into Healing Bombs. This should make it a lot easier for players to craft healing bombs (less competing Boons in the Special Boon type and less Boon points required for the first tier), as well as reducing the need for healers to constantly swap bomb types mid battle.
  • At rank one, Healing bombs will restore health points to players, at rank two the bombs will restore health and energy. At rank three, they will recover health and stamina as well as cleanse players of debuffs.
  • Added new Forging tutorial Objectives. These should better introduce players to the Forging system and learning the mechanics involved.
  • Further Atlas refinements for resources so that the new gradient coloration is additionally consistently coloured so that you can directly compare one resource map against another and know that the “green area” of one has the same resource count as the “green area” on another which was not strictly true with the atlases in the last release that still did per-map contrast enhancement which skewed the reality somewhat.
  • Blocks that drop extra drops now also drop themselves.
  • Brews and Food now display their attributes and effect on a player.
  • Increased the damage on Gold tools to bring their DPS more into line with Silver and Iron Tools.
  • Adjusted food crafting level for a number of different ingredients, so that every ingredient can be used to craft a food without needing to add a new skill point. This will reduce the amount of clutter in a new players Knowledge and crafting menus, as well as reduce any confusion as to what these ingredients can be used for.
    • Bag of Sugar now requires level 2 food crafting (up from level 1)
    • Fortified Butter now requires level 5 food crafting (up from level 1)
    • Purified Butter now requires level 5 food crafting (up from level 1)
    • Bag of Rice now requires level 3 food crafting (up from level 1)
    • Bag of Baking Powder now requires level 4 food crafting (up from level 1)
    • Butter Base now requires level 5 food crafting (up from level 1)
    • Bag of Oats now requires level 2 food crafting (up from level 1)
    • Bag of Flour now requires level 4 food crafting (up from level 1)
  • Adjusted crafting level for Brew containers to reduce clutter in a new players Knowledge screen, and to reduce confusion about the containers and what brews to make with them.
    • Brew Container 2 now requires level 2 brew crafting (up from level 1)
    • Brew Container 3 now requires level 3 brew crafting (up from level 1)
    • Brew Container 4 now requires level 4 brew crafting (up from level 1)
    • Brew Container 5 now requires level 5 brew crafting (up from level 1)

Creatures + Combat + Characters:

  • Reduced Cuttletrunk follow range. This should make it easier to escape from a persistent Cuttletrunk.
  • Slow-Mo Quirk no longer slows action speed, just movement speed.
  • Reworked cooldown to equalise Action Speed over all tools and weapons, allowing easier comparisons. The cool down periods should now be consistent and easier to understand.

Sanctum + Tutorial + Objectives + Progression:

  • We had a review of Feats in game, a few of them were not correctly working, some were far too hard and others were just not fun. So we have tweaked a few numbers and replaced some of the offending feats with ones which should be more enjoyable. Overall, players should be in a better place to complete more objectives after these changes.
    • Explorer player Warps used Feat replaced with fully exploring worlds Feat.
    • Removed “Unique Items Gathered” and “Loose Stone Gathered” Gatherer Feats and replaced them with Boulder and Fungus Gathering feats. Plants Feat will now count rare and common plants.
    • Removed Tax Avoided, Coin from Feats and Periodic Feats and replaced them with Selling Consumables, Selling Gear and Selling Items to Request Plinth Feats in the Trader Feats.
    • World Gatherer Survival Challenge I, will now allow players to collect any Starberry and Earthyam to complete the objectives.


  • The I, O, P, J, K, L keys now work while in another screen.
  • Added an animation to the health bar to show how long a creature will take to die once it has lost all health (due to network latency). You need to pay attention to a dangerous creature until the server says the creature is defeated.
  • Always show the health bar on active meteorites.
  • Added controller d-pad scrolling for emotes list.


  • Add reflections of the sky through portals, we continue not to support rendering the world in reflections through portals, but the sky/clouds/planets will at least now render so that portals do not look so horrific around water!
  • Added a new system to support time limited events.
  • Reduced the verbosity of a collection of server system logs.

Bug fixes:

  • Unstable and Imperfect Boon Compounds are now easier to make, while the Pure Boon Compounds require slightly rarer resources.(Spitter Eyes). It did not make sense to have the best Boons be the easiest to craft.
  • Fixed a long lived issue that could cause client crashes in particular circumstances surrounding portal transitions at ultra-low fps (<5fps, spikes included) whilst entities moved quickly across specific world boundaries in the server… sounds crazy (it is), it’s one of the more common client crashes that has been happening for a very long time but required a long time to investigate and track down.
  • Fixed issues where it was sometimes possible to close a screen with a popup still open.
  • Fixed chat and popup input boxes both receiving text at the same time.
  • Fixed delete character popup deleting the character if the player hits enter.
  • Fix for some controls in the settings screen not being localised.
  • Fix loading screens to open in fullscreen mode if fullscreen is enabled.
  • Fix not being able to square and bevel chisel various “dug-up” versions of blocks added from the last release (part of not having player placed blocks drop extra things when broken). Also fix these new blocks showing up in the World Builder when they should not.
  • Fix errors opening a prefab in World Builder about lighting paths.
  • Fix not being able to remove your own beacons that had expired/been-removed.
  • Fix for bombs not always damaging an entity that triggered it’s via a proximity explosion.
  • Fix for scrolling in the GUI with the controller right stick.
  • Fix world screen refreshing when a settlements prestige was updated.
  • Fix to allow signs on PS4 to span multiple lines.
  • Fixed a rare issue where player state could get reset returning to a world where the character serialisation reported a failure when it actually succeeded.
  • Fixed a collection of feat and forging objective descriptions to improve clarity.
  • Fixed an issue where Beacons could be destroyed if the beam from a Power Coil was running through the Beacon Control. This also allowed users with “Worker” permissions on a Beacon to have the ability to destroy it, which is why this fix was needed. In the future we may implement a system which allows a Beacon Owner to easily un-plot all of the land, as we know players would appreciate this functionality.


Unfortunately some patch notes were missing with this release, we believe we’ve now added everything that should have been there in the first place. It’s frustrating for any release to have missing patch notes, we recognise that our process at the studio is not optimal currently and are making necessary adjustments which will mean all changes being submitted for a release always have a patch note explaining exactly what the change is and why the change is happening. We aim to have this new process in place for the next update.

Server Downtime - 10:30 BST
Testing 200: Quality of Life and Bug Fixes!
What is this Programming, Mother&*@%er link..?
Speed of Fists changed somehow in the last Update
Nvm super visual glitch, self correcting!
[Poll] Boon Compounds Requires Spitter Eye


Earthyam rissotto, and Stew are missing info about well food buf.

They really really look great now :smiley:


Hahaha, that was just found like a few hours ago, that’s hilarious


This is a bit buggy now. On one toon I have


Yet the next feat tells that I didn’t do 10 000 at all


A Bag of Flour is now Level 4 food crafting. It was previously a lower level.
Edit: Boon recipes have also been added to.


You saying they again changed recipes and did not mention it in patch notes, even though they said they will revise the patch notes gathering and posting process, even though they did this bug fix release for quite a bit longer than previous ones?

I’m sorry sir, I don’t believe you. You are a liar. The would not do that… again… no way. UM-UM. Not a chance!.


Holy cow… those portals load fast!


:oort_n: :oort_i: :oort_c: :oort_e:


I’m detecting strong hints of sarcasm in that statement…
I honestly thought I just couldn’t find the recipe for bags of flour for a solid five minutes, kept going to the different machines like, “I know I’ve made this before, I’ve got like 200 bags of the stuff, was it in the extractor, the refinery, where’d I make the stuff…?” Pulled up the knowledge tab, and neither barbed grass seed or Bag of flour was on it… So i checked my skills and jumped them up to four in food crafting(grabbed the epic instead of gem tools now i can make flour and bread -.-)


The health bar on the machines is Back!
Thank you guys.


Could we get any more details on this? Particularly for tools, I didn’t think they had any cooldown?

You know I always liked the concept of the Unique Items Gathered feat, it was just frustrating to not be able to see what you have and haven’t gathered yet. No way to work toward it, it just sort of happened on its own. If that could be fixed it would be great to see the feat return.

Whoa, that was fast!

I wonder if this could help with server performance / lag issues people have been having. I work with software and something as simple as logging can take up more resources than you might think.


How extremely irritating… thanks for letting us know Brye.

Apologies guys, a couple of things were missed from the notes:

  • A Bag of Flour now requires level 4 Food Crafting, this is because everything a player crafts with Flour requires this level, so once you can craft Flour, you can start crafting with it immediately, rather than waiting for another skill point.

  • Adjusted recipes for Boons: Unstable and Imperfect Boon Compounds are now easier to make, while the Pure Boon Compounds require slightly rarer resources. This change was made because Unstable and Imperfect boons were intended to be the first ones players would make before progressing up to the more consistent Pure Boon Compounds.

I’ve added these to the OP.

We’re still working out some issues with our process at the studio, but we are getting there. Previously we would rely on everyone to put a detailed note in about every change they did, this obviously isn’t an optimal process though. So we’ve been working on getting a process together which combines our database and Git, and will mean nothing can be submitted into the build without a note and a link to a detailed entry in our database (this isn’t finished quite yet, which is why these were missed).

Obviously there could still be something which slips through as we refine the process, but it shouldn’t happen anywhere near as often. We’re hoping to have this up and running by the time another update comes along.

DEVS: Forging, could you give us your thoughts?

FYI Wonderstruck, you lost a lot of players today, fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice, shame on you.

“forgot” to mention the bomb nerf and now the pure boon “nerf” gets “forgotten” too.
Really bad business model. If that kinda thing wasnt enough to make people leave, the fact that your are actually making the game MORE of a job instead of less surely will.
We tried to tell you…


I’m only here to help :smiley:
But that should definitely help you guys. So, fewer things get “forgotten” in translation.

Edit: Probably not important, to anyone but those who know and the curious, but i have no idea what Git is.


If imperfect would be one of the first ones to use, I would have took adrenal gland requirement from it and put it to pure boon recipe :smiley:



^ We were joking man! You didn’t have to prove us right!


Sorry :disappointed: I wasn’t looking for things, I was trying to make flour. It made sense to me to have level 4 tho.

@Steggs101 is there a reason barbed grass is removed from the knowledge tab? I didn’t check after I took the fourth skill point if it was there again


Also this. This right here. Mainly, “the Pure Boon Compounds require slightly rarer resources.”.

Going to have a field day ranting about this one when someone else finally makes a thread about it. So much to rant about how wrong and stupid that is.


Believe me… we did not want to prove you right.

Don’t you be sorry Brye, this is absolutely our fault, not yours.

*Edit, just realised I didn’t answer your Barbed Grass question. Sounds like a bug… will ask someone.