Release 201: Quality of Life and Bug Fixes!


Could you throw any bugs into a separate thread in Support please @Dulki



Wow, so many fixes and updates! I am looking forward to getting back into game and having a blast! Thanks so much for the amazing work. <3


It’s really good to read that you work on a process and that it looks like it really gonna be a working one :slight_smile:


Shouldn’t this be Release 200, since it was Testing 200?


Ugh. Another recipe change in the wrong direction. Booooo -1 :-1:


The quote is actually; ‘fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me’. It’s basically saying that they should be ashamed to trick someone, but you should be ashamed to allow yourself to be tricked twice by the same person.

Could someone translate this jargon into numpty language?


Made server logs easier to read, I believe.


Collects less, which should affect performance.

Is anyone in game to report the actual changes to the pure boon recipes seeing as even when finally mentioned there’s no detail.


Pure boon 1-3 recipes has spitter eyes added 1-4-18 (single-bulk-mass)
Edit: I guess this is old Imperfect recipe, it does require adrenal glands now and that recipe was before Unstable one that requires now wild stock eyes instead of adrenal ones.


Thank you! Disappointing.


This is getting beyond tedious and in to masochistic.


Blocks that drop extra drops now also drop themselves.

can you please explain this?



Oh im so hype for this! What could these events be? :open_mouth:


Also excited about this fix! It was beginning to happen frequently to me

This is very good news. I love combat bombs

And these are excellent QOL improvements

Every time I read this post it gets better!

Hands down my favorite patch in a game i wasnt anticipating


I’m hoping it’s for dailies as some of us mentioned in the old footfall thread a few weeks ago.


FYI Git is a Source Control Management (SCM) tool. It tracks changes.

The idea is, you have a software that you build into version A, then you make changes, which takes you to version B. Git tracks all of those changes, and allows people to coordinate which of those changes makes it into the main build.


I have the same problem with Accomplished Monster Hunter feat. Have the 10k kills, but the next feat only has 1k progress


I’ve seen so many people say the game gets too grindy and now you guys add another extra ingredient to the boons and forget to mention it upfront again. I don’t think it’s the right direction for the game. At least not for me, maybe there really are people who enjoy these changes I dunno. Just hadn’t expect it to go this way after all the controversy from last big patch, kinda bummed right now.


What’s ridiculous is there are going to be fewer and fewer people like you and Mesa crafting things and as a result people like me will be less and less likely to gather because gathering is already a god awful chore without forged stats pre nerf bombs (bombs worked great for sap farming) .

What’s going to happen is this dev team is just going to continue cannablizing it’s playerbase by the ‘forgotten’ nerfs/recipe updates/continued broken regen.

It’s been a month now since ps4 game has been live and the game has not gotten better, it has gone the other way.

QoL bug fixes don’t do anything when in the same patch, with one fell swoop, you sneakily add in insane nerfs/add much more tedium to an already very tedious game.

Maybe this is what the devs want. Judging by the forums and quite a few in different hub chats, it’s not what the playerbase wants.