Release 201: Quality of Life and Bug Fixes!


Gotta disagree with you there.

The compound progression was completely backwards, and this fixes it.


They could’ve made non-pure compounds easier instead of pure more grindy.


There are a lot of critter bits out there (except maybe adrenal glands…). I think we should give this change a bit of time to settle, and see where prices land.

A main observation is that the game design is becoming more consistent about pushing players towards community play (aka shops, etc). Especially for end game things like high end forging.

…it’s also worth noting that this is something the player base has been pretty consistently asking for (see: alts vs skill switching debates in the past, etc)

It’d be nice to see them reduce the grind, but that would probably take a complete pass over all the recipes of a given type


Exactly, there’s no point making current recipes more grindy at all at this point. If you want certain materials to have more use, add new recipes. Smh


Making me dread logging in and even looking. I am sick and tired of the nerfs.


wow, there are alot good things with the patch, and ppl start again whining about recipe changes…
and ofc those are the same ppl as allways, lol.
may i ask: what exacly are recipe the changes (the bad ones?)

  • Pure boon recipes became more challenging to make (they require creature parts now, in addition to the other materials)


Maybe that is because we are spending freaking hours farming stuff just to use then up in a couple of minutes and we are getting very sick of it.


Looks like many basic crafting feats numbers were increased, no problem there except hand crafting one wasn’t fun to complete before and now it is even less fun to do. I remember on early access time there being actually advanced feats but now I don’t have those those were cool thing!
I don’t know is it fun to do now 1M handcrafted items to complete just feat, it was before 100k :smiley:
If it was too easy to complete before, rewards could have been scaled differently.

How atlas works now with resources looks even better than before. Awesome!
Feels also that game would run faster(better) than before :slight_smile:


i mean, what more do they need compared to before


Spittar eyes



Answered by almund


Okay, I’ve now learnt my lesson that whenever I ask for a game feature to be more fair on here, they do the exact opposite. Not bothering in future.


which is funny due to their motivation being:

and yet spittar eyes are more common than adrenal glands…


Hot damn. Logged in to find a bunch of objectives complete, and a sweet 50k xp

And an very close to the last feat on several more


I guess they’ll be changing the spawn rate of critters soon then, I’ve felt that roadrunners should appear on the lower tier planets more often than they have. In Lew of spitters at least.


wow, there are a few bad things with the patch, and ppl again start whining about active users giving feedback.

and ofc those are the same ppl as always.
My less sarcastic point: we’re here to feed back. Only positive feedback alone is not useful. Adding insult when people are irritated with patch changes only adds to the friction. It doesn’t help and isn’t feedback, so is even less helpful than people “whining”.


Will somebody fix me a glass of wine? I’m fresh out :joy:


I had removed my negative review of this game last night. I was hoping that the devs had figured out we were tired of them adding more grind to the game. I see I was wrong…very wrong. sigh I give up. I guess I just need to find something else to stream and play.


Sitting here sipping my coffee going over these… It just felt right to say I am happy with the game, happy with these updates, happy with the direction of things, and excited to log on. Applauding you devs, keep up the great work.