Release 201: Quality of Life and Bug Fixes!


I agree, I’ve never had a reason to use the imperfect ones.

Regardless I’m past needing them anyway at this point.


Playing since the Sept 11th launch and I’ve been to many worlds, solo’d meteors, killed many, many creatures and I’ve yet to see or collect a single spitter eye. Road Runner eye, Wildstock eye and Hopper eye is all I’ve collected so far. And I was just getting to a point in the game where I was looking forward to a future of forging. Now I’m worried about future.


Spitter eyes were already going for 200, I expect to see 800 given history


There are a few posts accusing the devs of malintent on this thread, which sours it for me at least. And the threats of rage quitting are exhausting.

I hope it’s pretty clear by now that the intentions are not to punish us, but that things are slipping through (and their process is likely somewhat busted)


This “whine” is to stop the trend of making current recipes harder to make. Period. If they keep goin at this rate the most basic recipes will require 3-4 items instead of 1. Maybe we’re over exaggerating or maybe we can sniff out bad change of direction early. Idk

But discouraging people from addressing their issues with the game just leads to players quitting and devs not getting feedback as to why.


I have them but I just don’t have them in the amount it is going to take to do anything. Plus they still haven’t fixed (that I can see) the issue with everything needing tons of shimmering orbs and them being hard to get.


While I agree that I don’t think there was malicious intent with the way the changes were presented, in 2 back-to-back updates the devs just-so-happened to “forget” to include nerfs to things the community was already discussing/divided on. That isn’t a good look, full stop, and the community should take them to task for it.

As far as rage quitting, I’m more of at a sadness quit stage. I’m not angry at the game or the devs, just disappointed.


I must of missed something. What slipped through? Was the boon recipe nerfs not meant to happen? Cause that is what I see people up set over.


yah ninja nerf patch logs updated after game was up


Yup, can’t argue with that! 100% agree

If this was in the patch notes for this patch being released on the testing server, we would have brought it up and it would have likely been addressed before going live


well you are a person that acts with sarcasm here and thery like “next patch xyz bad thing happens” so you should not feel yourself insulted by what i wrote…
anyway if i insulted someone: sorry

i just wonder if 1 spitter eye is really that bad?
cant tell, i just knew i had this just here and there and dunno what to do with it.


I dont like to think this way, but i feel things like this get “missed” because if people knew the recipe mats would increase ahead of time they would stockpile as much as possible before the recipe got harder to make.

Pure boon compound requires more mats? Ok let me go mass craft 2000 before the patch.

Bomb mining nerf? Ok let me go use up these 3 smart stacks of titanium bombs i planned to sell before the patch.

I get why they do it (if this is really whats happening) but damn. Smack me in my face again


200 hasn’t even dropped yet, or has it and I just didn’t notice yesterday…
If it hasn’t, why is this post even a thing? Let’s see how bad they nerf stuff in the 200 patch before we start discussing 201… Just sayin. :thinking::thinking:


200 was the testing release of this patch - the numbering is a bit confusing :frowning: (compare the patch notes, they’re very similar)


Testing servers dropped it. My game is still running 199.1.


Yea that is a bit confusing.


Is it too much to ask for recipe changes to be explicitly documented in the patch notes?

edit: I hope I didn’t come across too harshly, I just want to avoid having to ask around the Discords. :smile:


I’m looking at the gold hammer and I don’t see a buff to damage. It still says 600 base damage. I didn’t get a chance to look at the other gold tools


That’s correct. If they announce the specific nerf or buff, people would manipulate the market and it wrecks more havoc. From a community perspective, it doesn’t help that they don’t announce it. From a gameplay perspective, it’s the best approach. Honestly, they’re damned if they do and damned if they don’t. You’re gonna annoy people one way or the other.


I’d rather they just come out and say it. “We won’t announce recipe changes until after the patch releases.” Might even save them some backlash