[Poll] Boon Compounds Requires Spitter Eye

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Recently with Patch 201 the devs made this change:

“Unstable and Imperfect Boon Compounds are now easier to make, while the Pure Boon Compounds require slightly rarer resources.(Spitter Eyes). It did not make sense to have the best Boons be the easiest to craft.”

As a relatively new player I’ve gotten to the point where I need to obtain power coils. In my opinion it’s a fairly large wall that’s keeping me from endgame, and I’ve been working on it as best I can. In the mean time I discovered that I could play with Centra Forging and was quite enjoying that I could have fun with that and have a bonus that help me to obtain power coils. It was exciting that I could jump in and start playing with this. Then they made the change.

To be honest I was pretty devastated because forging was one of the main things that enticed me to play the game in the beginning. though I understand their reasoning my opinion is that they should revert the change, at least for the level 1 Boon compounds. Or leave Pure Boon Compound, then at least make either Unstable or Imperfect not require a creature drop.

Often only those who disagree say anything, so I’d like to see everyone vote here. At least if the majority of the people would like to keep the change I can live with it knowing it was fine with most people.

'Preciate you taking the time to read and vote!

  • Revert Pure Boon Compound 1 to not require Spitter Eyes
  • Leave Pure Boon Compound but remove Creature Drop from Unstable or Imperfect.
  • I am satisfied with the change, leave it how it is now
  • I doesn’t bother me either way

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I wanted to add this clarification to remind that there are two vote options that want one change or the other, that add up to 53%. A clear majority of the voters so far want a change.

As of this comment it’s been 22h from the post of the poll, 28 voters.

53% Want a change to the current system
-32% Leave Pure, remove creature drop from unstable/imperfect
-21% Revert the changes

29% Leave the changes

18% Don’t care

It’s obvious that the entire poll is full of bias including the preemptive statements made before people would answer the poll. Even with that said, the gap b/w those who want change and those who don’t isn’t huge.

55% want a change
46% are apathetic to any change.

I would hardly consider this a landslide in your favor

10 points is a HUGE gap is polling. Keeping in mind the general caveat about these not being representitve of the whole boundless community and the nature of the posters on this forum, that seems fairly significant. The sample size is quite low, though.

Wait, did you just lump 2 options into one percentage? I can see you are adept at number gymnastics. Here’s some more:

At 24hrs…

Leave the change is winning (30%)
Leave Pure, remove creature drop from Unstable is Losing (29%)
Revert Pure is Losing (25%)
Apathy Vote is Losing (16%)

46% could live with keeping all changes
(16% Apathy, +30%)
29% agree with Half the changes
25% only want 1 change

76% Want to leave the Spitter Eyes

71% want to leave Unstable/Imperfect… (Cause they didnt choose it)

100% of people think these polls depend on how you read the results… and don’t mean anything

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only 20 % for reverting change… that is what i read, tho the participation is kinda low in this poll anyway >.<

@deenw @Crete @Shadesmar

I apologize for the wording without adequate reasoning. And Deenw you’re correct there’s bais because I clearly want a change.

The reason for saying, “clear majority” and using “number gymnastics” was just the way I was personally interpreting the numbers. I saw 53% of people that wanted to see a change, be it revert or change compound. Both of those are similar in my thought process which is why I lumped them together. Then I saw 53% vs 29% and thought well that’s clear that people want a change. The other 18% didn’t care.

I appreciate the feedback and I appreciate you guys representing your opinion, which was the reason for the post.

the thing is that ur “majority” want completely the opposite of each other. and its not even a clear majority, but a very close one >.< u just cant put those 2 groups together and advertise for a general change lol. There is not even enough data if those people in group 1 would consider the change forwarded from group 2 just to have a change, or if they are exclusivly for “their” change they voted for