Release 215: New player polish!


Have you seen the rent the Elder has to pay on the sanctum? :open_mouth:


finally atlases are real maps with locations and players on it - big yes and thanks for that :sunglasses:


Love this update for the improvements to the Atlas. Thank you!

One thing though… There’s a new objective asking to apply to a guild. I’m already a member of 2 guilds and don’t really feel the need to apply to a 3rd. But if applying to one is what it takes to complete the task then, so be it. It would be nice though to have it auto complete if we’re already part of one though. :slight_smile:


Dev city heard its full off gem buildings :smile:


Updated OP with @Jiivita’s overview video.


Excellent update! It’s great now it costs nothing to beam back home.This is welcome news and will be more fun exploring those hard mode planets.Map is better too.Ive had a break from boundless recently after playing this game since release on ps4.When I return I have this to look forward too.Great job !


So I’ve just died for the first time since the update, and I no longer have the option to spawn back nearby where I died? The only option I have is back home??


There should be two buttons. 1 for home and 1 for respawn nearby. I can’t remember what button it is on the ps4 as i only died on Tuesday. But it’s like when someone is reviving you how there’s two options.


I didnt seem to get the option. I looked everywhere in the sanctum and clicked on both portals.


If you went to the sanctum you already chose to go home. It’s while you’re still laying on the ground


Ah, I see. Must have missed it.


well done, well done…


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