Release 219: Exoworlds, Blink, Rift and Umbris!


@james THANKYOU. In particular for taking the stable path. There are a lot of us that trust that you guys will do the appropriate things. (Not really a choice there but its good to know). I personally feel like the game balance is something that you guys take seriously. Im not always on the receiving side, but I do feel that you are using the feedback that we give you and tempering it properly with the long term playability. Long term = many months or years. I also appreciate that when possible you take test server feedback. Its really hard to sort so many player opinions BIG THANKS.


I’m unable to enter game, says client is out of date, yet steam doesnt have any updates for me.

Edit - fixed - I checked integrity of game files and it downloaded something which sorted it.


oh no, it’s snowing, and about to lay down some grass…

but lo, press B and voila …

:+1: dev’s!


Guess you missed it.

Tho I’m actually kind of sad it was a bug.


Nope, I was referring to the post I made in the same thread about replacing the Iron beams and poles with the Titanium ones and getting no xp for it.

I can see how it seems that I was referring to the other regen bug that was fixed, considering I made the post on that thread, thinking at the time that the two might have been related.

Shame you just can’t link individual posts here. It would help avoid the confusion. :slight_smile:


If you right click on the time the post was made you can copy a link to that specific post. If you paste it into this forum it makes the nice little preview and all that.

EDIT NEvermind I see you did that above not sure what’s missing.


Oh very nice. Thanks for that tip, Nightstar! I’ve noted it for future reference. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Oh wait, yeah, it still opens the whole thread, like what I did above. lol.

With some other forums, you can link a single post and when someone clicks on it, they only see that post and not the whole thread. Something like that here would be a nice QoL thing. But, I think there are more important and bigger fish for the devs to fry these days. :slight_smile:


My fault. I only read the farm part and not the rest of it. Sorry.


No need to apologise. I’ve been guilty of similar and sometimes worse oversights and goofs. :slight_smile:


The Oortian tools are so powerful they cause destruction in other worlds too.


So if I am reading this correct The hot fix already went out for Regen farming? Cause I have been farming orbs for 10mins tonight and only gotten 1 orb. Doesn’t seem fixed? Or is this hotfix coming?


I will be selling some. How much does one power a portal for? Base the price on that. 72 for 100 so just depends on what 1 provides.


Update OP with details of the hotfix 219.2.

[COMPLETE] Brief server downtime at 15:45 UTC

looks like farms have been saved


but what about fixing for items?


haven’t checked my prestige im just gonna trust the dev’s
so i made a level 44 hunter tank with all atmospheric protections
yielding forged goldfists and i can stand my ground
i wanted to go get the stuff to make longer lasting portal fuel
does anybody knows what the lowest level for a exo will be
and if my setup would work to reach my goal with no grouphunting

ow and if someone did a grouphunt on exo please tell me
how it was
i really wonna become a exohunter just need know if it is doable solo


I think that for your purpose is better grouphunts moeb


When did this sneak in? :scream:


The recipes tab? Like two updates ago.


it snuck in here