Release 219: Exoworlds, Blink, Rift and Umbris!


you can still fuel it the old way… just for less longer time then the amalgam


If you use the amalgam it’s 324 shards instead of 300 for the same duration, that’s 8% more.


Ah, yes. Sure. And the old way is perfectly fine for my small 1x2 portals.

What I meant is that in my opinion, portals are “the cool thing” of this game and Oort is already to expensive. I would prefer if Oort would get cheaper. Instead of adding deco Oort stones I would have preferred if they would have added additional sources for Oort or additional way to create Oort cheaper. Like an additional receipt that takes 6 Oort and 48 diamonds instead of 18 Oorts for a mass craft of Oort shards.


I was waiting for more efficient portal fuel, but wanted it to be like compacting coal - more portal time for used shards (same as 50 compact coal giving more than 360 coal before compacting).



It takes a little parsing but if you see buying the time as a separate transaction then you could put it this way.


That wouldnt be great like i said above… you encourage players to use cheaper fuel whcih keeps the portal open for a longer time.
An open portal has also more effect on the serves since it needs to load that part of t he world where the other portal is too when people look at this. I think its good that portal fuel for long duriations get more expensive, to make it an option for bigger portals to keep maintaince easy be the cost of fuelprice.


I didnt expect that much better fuel, but a bit better though would be nice.
I certainly would like at least 20-25% more fuel time for shards used to make amalgam (so, if mass needs that bit above 300 shards, I would want at least 125 amalgams output to make it last as long as 375 shards.


I had picked up some umbris form a dormant meteor, and mined over 2k gleam on Gotho yesterday (crisp teal is my favorite gleam color), but the lag was terrible I was launched multiple time into lava pits on Vandar. Otherwise I love the update, great job devs! :smile:


Looked like I gained about 30k. :slight_smile:

Oh, this is a very minor thing but thought I’d mention it for the devs. On the notifications I get about my shops being empty, the names of some of the items changed to some garbled code-speak. Like, instead of Your Metamorphic Rock… it would be something like METAMORPHIC_ROCK_SOMETHING_122_(I FORGET) - well, you get the idea, I forget what it said and away now haha. :wink:


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I have a thread on portal cost. There is about a 1% loss of time via 1x2 portals and about a 12% loss of time on our largest portals with the new Amalgam.

It doesn’t seem like it is a solution for large portals. I outlined that here with some dev quotes I thought would be helpful. I hope they respond:


Updated OP with details of incoming hotfix.

Testing 220: Chrysominter!
Very few barks
[FIXED] regenerated blocks not dropping loot
[FIXED] regenerated blocks not dropping loot

Do new exo planets wait to spawn until after the previous ones expire?

Is there a limit to the number of current, active exo planets that will spawn during the same time frame?

Is there anything that we do, as players, that effects the spawing/despawing of exo planets?


So AoE tools made exo planets unplayable


Thanks once again to you, James and the rest of the team for such a speedy fix.

Just wondering though if what I experienced yesterday is another bug or working as intended? It’s no real biggy but it would be good to know one way or the other. Here’s the post…


Poor way to interpret this imo. Too many players at one time using aoe tools and/or bombs. It’s like any new system introduced in any game. It’s always hammered on the first few days. The problem exists on normal planets too. Not just exos


People are AoE mining so they can see more blocks more quickly to find the goodies. Emptying your pack on an exo planet costs thousands of coin. You can’t place a beacon to stash the rock in tables. So all that byproduct rock just sits on the ground burdening the server. No one could have predicted that would happen but we can blame the AoE tools for producing massive amounts of low value drops.

I don’t think the pathology will taper off in time. Devs know where the perf bottlenecks are though so that’s good


By that same logic we could blame the inability to place beacons for storage. That’s all I’m saying. It’s a bunch of things. Not aoe tools specifically.

E: you know what, if the problem is resources staying server side like you allude to ( and not the destruction like James seemed to suggest via my interpretation) then adding a trash/delete option to players inventories would be the easiest fix in your scenario.


I’d gladly take all the drops with me if I had a bigger inventory.


pretty sure this is it, i am not keeping rock for awhile now. so when i mine i let them on ground and it genreate massive fps drop when there is a lot on ground. i think a solution would to make stack of dropped item (while they is more than one on the ground) instead of all their own entity.

Can we blame the aoe tools in some way yes but i think the problem isnt the tool but how the drop is generated.


All good points. I’m gonna make a spin-off thread later today with more thoughts and suggestions. Don’t wanna bury the patch notes with a balance discussion