Testing 220: Chrysominter!


This update is accessible via the “Testing” release of Boundless on Steam.

Please restart Steam to make sure you get the latest version of Boundless. If the update happens whilst Steam is open it’s unlikely you’ll get the latest version.

Please report all issues discovered to new posts in the #support category.

The following release notes are not final and should not be considered complete or exhaustive.


  • Chrysominter: This machine takes any object in-game and converts it to coin. The values will change over time based on the evolution of the economy. The Chrysominter will not compete with the main player economy. If you want to make serious coin - then best to find a request basket, setup a shop, or barter a direct trade. The machine will act as a last resort market maker. It will always buy your items. For many items the price will be significantly below the market rate. However, for items that have little economy demand the machine will establish unlimited demand for them creating a market.

Expand for the ~tl;dr~ original analysis of the economy and logic about why we needed a coin machine

We posted the thinking behind the coin machine and the main details are below:

If you want to read the player responses and subsequent discussion checkout the thread here.

  • Guild Buffs: 4 new Helix machines have been added: Hammer Versatility, Bonus Consumables, Spark and Wear, Weapon Augment Durability.

  • Drop optimisations: We’ve enabled a range of optimisations in response to the drop devastation exposed when the Exoworlds went live. A few more background details are available here.

Video Overview:

Thanks @Jiivita :peace_symbol:


The coin values for all items in the Testing release are deliberately incorrect. We don’t want to give some players an unfair advantage of buying up items with the knowledge that they’ll make coin when the release hits Live. You’re clearly free to speculate independently.

The coin values will vary over time in response to changes in the economy. As stated above - but hammered home here - the coin values will change. Be prepared for this. The prices will go up and down.

Lost guild coin and endeavour: We’re still planning to reimburse Guilds for the lost coin and endeavour for the guild buffs that were disabled when Release 219 launched. The issue only effected buffs that required power. We have a list of the guilds effected and a script ready to go. However, we’ve decided to apply this when the next live release happens. Altering the universe when the game is offline is safer. Safety first when we start messing with guild coin and endeavour.

Release Notes:


  • Added the Chrysominter
    • The Chrysominter converts items placed inside it to coin in it’s internal store.
    • Some items are worth more than others. Items can now be worth sub-coin (down to 0.01c).
    • Partially damaged tools value is scaled by the wear they have taken.
    • Once 100 coin has been built up in the Chrysominter 100 coins payout will be added to the player’s coin.
    • Attach engines to the Chrysominter to increase the payout. Each engine increases the payout by 5 coin with up to 8 engines max. So at 8 engines each 100 coin bundle in the Chrysominter will pay out 100+5x8=140 coin.
    • Destroying the Chrysominter will lose any coin stored inside.
  • Added Chrysominter value to tooltips for all items.
  • Request baskets and shop stands can now set coin prices down to 0.01 coin.
    • Players can still only pay whole coin amounts so the result is rounded in favour of the owner of the request basket/shop stand. For example: a request basket selling stone at 0.1c each would give 0 coin for any amount of stone less than 10 and from 10 to 19 stone would give 1 coin. A shop stand with a price of 0.1c stone would charge 1 coin for any amount of stone less than or equal to 10 and 11 to 20 stone would charge 2 coin.
  • Added tint to tooltips for all items.


  • Added 4 brand new Guild Buff Helix Machines to craft and use:
    • Hammer Versatility Helix buffs your Guild Member’s Hammers to be able to deal bonus damage to dirt blocks (blocks which would usually require a Shovel). Available at Minor, Greater and Mega levels.
    • Bonus Consumables Helix will provide your Guild Members with a chance of making bonus Brews and Foods while crafting them. Available at Minor, Greater and Mega levels.
    • Spark and Wear Helix will reduce the Spark cost and Wear of your Guild Member’s Machines while active. Available at Minor, Improved and Super levels.
    • Weapon Augment Durability Helix will make Guild Member’s Weapon Augments last longer. Available at Minor, Greater and Mega levels.


  • Server performance improvements for world-saving when there are large numbers of block changes at once, especially with respect to lodded chunks.
  • Server performance improvement for block pick-up system so that users will always gather with the 2m base-radius, but the extended (forged-effect) radius of up to 8m will distribute its cost over 8 frames to help reduce spikiness (but will mean picking up block-drops from further away may take up to 0.5 a second).
  • Improvements to block-pickup system to use the same “smart” stacking methods used by quick-move system allowing much better insertion into your inventory when picking up other users drops that can be stacks or smart-stacks of items.
  • Optimising block-pickup system so that when destroying blocks, the block-drops that result for a given player will be merged together with nearby recently created block-drops, massively reducing the amount of block-drops that get created in the first place by AOE hammers. This will also improve client rendering performance. When a block-drop has something merged into it, a particle effect will play on the block-drop to show that it has occurred, and based on the number of items stored in a block-drop its size will subtly increase also.
  • Optimising block-pickup system so that when there are drops lying around a player that cannot be picked up due to not having space in the inventory, they will after a short delay start being merged with already existing block-drops of the same item near the player, again with a particle-effect and visual size increase. This helps improve performance in the case of AOE mining creating large numbers of rocks not being collected for both the server and the client, though will not evaluate on block-drops too far from the player. Together with the previous block-drop merging logic, there will be far less block-drops cluttering up the environment during AOE mining sessions, and better performance for everyone. Block-drops will only be merged if they have at least 1 minute left before being removed.
  • The debug-window will now show some basic details about the selected entity, not just the selected block. For block-drops will show the item type/colour and its stored count, as well as its expiration time before it is removed from the world.


  • Creeping can be set to be toggled rather than held in the Settings menu’s control tab. NOTE: Skyscraper builders beware! There is a limitation of creep that fails to stop players creeping off chiselled blocks.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed Boon Points Catalyst not awarding boon points

Testing 220.1:

  • Fixed an issue where sometimes lower tier wildstock would charge more than once.
  • Fix text input boxes being left in an unusable state if you move too far from the object whilst open.
  • Fixed not getting XP on the first chisel of a block.
  • Fixed rare animation crash.
  • Minor optimisation to the portal opening process to reduce the number of required networking requests and improve server performance.
  • News Flashes for the update.

Testing 220.2:

  • Adjustments to block-drop merging system: removed particle-effect when block-drops are merged, and instead the block-drop will now visually fly into the block-drop it is merged with which is much more explicit about what is happening. A single attack that breaks multiple blocks like AOE hammers will still just generate a single block-drop immediately.
  • Fixed an issue where a PS4 user with lots of characters could fail to lookup and display PSN id’s for other users.
  • Fixed display of coin values in the item popups to show fractions of coins where appropriate.

Testing 220.3:

  • Increased Chrysominter Wear to 10000, up from 5000
  • Fix for items sometimes not showing on shop stands and request baskets.
  • Fixed Totem flexibility after it was missed in the recent effectiveness rebalance.
  • Fix for removed guild members not being removed from beacon permissions list history (so if they were added again they kept previous permissions).
  • Extended admin functions to use advanced locked items and configure advanced locks.

The Coin system - is it going to be an issue?
Advanced coil prices?
Shop Stand partial coin costs not displayed correctly?
Of cats(devs) and mice(players) - which changes displease you?


This is fantastic. Thank you so much for introducing this mechanic. I think we will see great things as a result of this as far as the economy goes.

Again thanks.

E: and fantastic thinking ahead with announcing that the mints values aren’t the true values for live. Stopping that practice before it starts is great for everyone.


Wow… some awesome potential. Damage wear buff is now officially the most popular buff ever…


I think its a good direction :slight_smile:
Good job devs.


I’m loving this… any new content I’ll embrace!! I also like it looks like a whiskey barrel!!! I can now build a cellar!!! Lol


interesting name :thinking:


This sounds like an awesome update that will really help a lot of individuals! The only problem I can see is the extra consumables buff really will help those in an established guild, especially if they focus on making consumables and selling them. Really sucks for the solo player.


I’ll reserve any feedback until I jump onto the testing server after I am done with my errands for the morning and see for myself exactly how good or bad this thing is.

The fraction of a coin is a great step though in helping the economy.


That Chrysominter (what a great name, glad I don’t have to call it coin machine anymore) looks pretty sleek! Cheers! :smiley:


Took a minute to wrap my tongue around that name lol. But this is awesome.

And Creep as a Toggle now? More awesomesauce! :smiley:


Thank you all so much for adding this! :slight_smile: I think this is really going to provide a huge boost to the economy, and will make things so much better for newcomers to the game. And it is a huge help to know I’ll never be stuck without a way to sell something!


I agree - way better than coin or gold maker :sunglasses:


Make your own guild/helixs. Get your buffs as a guild of 1!


I agree, now insteas of dropping odd items or worn out tools etc I can just gring em into some coin.


I thought there was a limit to how much endeavor you can contribute to a guild. Would you be able to activate it with the limitations?


Hmm good point, i am not sure! I wonder if you could get it going with alts.


I don’t know. Good question. I’m actually part of a guild that goes pretty strong to my knowledge so I’m not worried, just was thinking about the solo players (since I used to be one).

The Coin system - is it going to be an issue?

Oh, forgot to ask… could someone with access to testing give me the recipes for the chrysominter and the engines for it? I think I should be preparing for that… :wink:

(I’m starting to carve out an underground chamber called The Vault for them… I think I need to make this one extra big… muahahaha…)


Sounds like some great QoL improvements. Thank you!