Testing 220: Chrysominter!


This is nice :wink:


Yaaaas! Awesome addition to the economy and great performance changes :fist:


I had to look up what ‘chryso’ was (got the mint part!).

As a prefix it mean gold, or golden.

So chryso-mint-er = gold-coin-er!


Still says coin machine ingame thought :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

New buffs Cost and Recipes


I can’t read anything on the ingredients list on those screenshots.

Edit: nvm it fixed itself. Guess it didn’t load completely


So, how much spark does it cost to convert trash to gold?

And how many hours do we have to wait for the conversion?

Cos I’m not expecting it to be instantaneous (thought think it really should be!).


So the coin machine AKA Chrysominter seems to be aimed at the mid level 20-30 player, rather than the new players given the resources and the coils for even higher level players that have the skills and coin to reach the exo planets since they are the only source of unbris, blink and rift.


So just doing some quick math…let’s say that rock is valued at 0.01 each…you only need 100,000 to get 1,000 coin! Planets will be devastated. :scream:


I’m gonna need a bigger backpack…


Thanks for posting that!! :slight_smile:

Ok, so the chrysominter itself is easy. Cool, will have lots. But those coils… oh man, I should NOT have sold so much of my rift! :thinking: Ah well, motivation to mine the T7s as much as possible as they come up. :wink:


I can sell those pretty cheap I think (the machine, not the coils though)… actually, if I know someone is new, I’ll just hand them out. I’m going to start hoarding that stuff now for the base machines. I get all that stuff on my own, and tons of it.


No, that’s for the mint coils, to INCREASE the payout overall.

The machine itself is super easy to make. Machined copper, ancient tech, timber, and something else I forgot and can’t lol at easily since on mobile.

The coils for the mint themselves will require you to basically have ‘f u’ money in game with the current prices of the gems but as time goes on those prices will fall . It’ll be some time before that happens. All those coils do is help snowball your return, something definitely aimed more at a mid tier/vet.


I agree the coils are for the much more advanced but the machine requiring machined copper, alloyed gold and tech components means a player had to be able to survive and mine a t3 or higher to get the materials and to machine the copper they will need spark and refineries (for the refined copper). So I would not think most players would not be able to build this until maybe level what 20 ish?


Looking forward to this update!

Couple of questions:

If I put in 1000c worth of stuff, will it spit out ten 100c blobs spaced out over a certain amount of time? Or will it deliver 1000c to me all at once after it’s processed?

Does it take in to consideration high supply of a primary ingredient for something down the crafting ladder? To explain further, let’s say there was a glut of rough diamond, but no one was buying or selling compact diamond, because they could easily just compact it themselves. Would compact diamond have an inflated price or a deflated one? Technically, there’s no supply or demand out there, but the base material has a high supply issue and would therefore get increased.


I think I was doing those items on till or lamb lid at lvl 15ish. But honestly with the way exp food functions now, even if it were lvl 20 a new player can get there pretty fast with some guidance.

Start a brand new character without any help and just see how far you get before you feel like you hit a wall. I’ve done it twice in the last month. Didn’t give any coin, power level, or any items to 2 alts. Got to roughly 18-20 before I decided I was done trying out the new player feel. It’s way way better than it was when I started in sept/oct but I also have the knowledge of what to do specifically so that part helps assuredly. As long as new players follow the objectives in the tutorial they make it to lvl 15 relatively safely and easily.

So yea, I definitely feel the machines are doable for new players. By the time they realize they may need one they’ll have used the shop stands a bit I’m sure.


Bit dissapointed to buffs. Nothing that would make my life easier.
Nothing for explorers meh.


To me those are most interesting guild buffs by this far :smiley:


They may have decided with the shop stand being able to offer fractions of a coin for the things they get the most of, to not use the shop stands at all. I think it will all depend on where prices go after this reaches the live servers. Personally, if someone is offering to buy rock or stone at .05 and the machine offers .01 I will give it to the machine.


It looked like a keg of gunpowder to me. Good for pirate ships or forts with cannons!


you would get 10*100(or + if you had power coils) at the same time instantly