Testing 220: Chrysominter!


This is exactly what I’m going to be using it for. Already have the cannons made.


You can’t put very many blocks in the coin machine at a time. You have to use a spanner to fix it and the coils after every use.


Base machine works without power. Power just increases how much it gives.


How many would that be?


yep read that


I agree this will help the servers a lot.

The packrat in me wants to know if another player can pick up these items before they do the fusion dance with the smart stack of the player that mined them?

Otherwise this’ll be me:

That being said, I still agree with this and I’m not trying to argue it. But I’m a hoarder and a packrat. :grin: I will take anyone’s “junk.”


great update!
I am however a little concerned about the cost of building the coils for it.
wouldn’t it make more sense to only require rift, Umbris or blink instead of all three.


less than 100


You and me both. I have a few hundred thousand refined stones in storages that I could just never bring myself to throw out. Lol


One day, there will be a castle that needs built with those, you know.


It should be an entire smart stack


To me, it seems as if it’s a way to keep those mats especially rare. A choice has to be made where you want to use those mats at.


But they make good building materials!!! and now for a while everyone is going to want to make coils with them versus using them in builds…oh well


i have heard its instant but i did not test it myself


I’m pretty sure I read this right, but want to ask to be sure;

The power coils actually increase the value of the object sold, not just increase the max coin increments that can be delivered. So if I enter in 100c worth of stuff, I get 140c no matter what?

Is the 40% increase range included in market analysis? Or could that increase bring the objects sold above the market value?

Do we get to see the prices before we let it chew up our stuff?


I’m saving a video right now. For me it was around 50.


I don’t think the coils will be that big of a thing to start. You’re talking about someone upper tier who maybe mines a ■■■■ ton and instead of throwing away the stone, they want to maximize the return they get out of the mines stone. With the value of those t7 gems you are talking about some absurdly massive amounts of stone to just break even much less turn a profit.

Those coils are definitely going to be a rarity imo unless someone figures a way to game the machine itself which I’m sure will be adjusted since they’ve said the values will fluctuate on the state of the economy.


The power coils alter the 100 coins that are spat out at the other side. So if you had max coils, and put in two items worth 50, they would both show as increasing input by 50. but the 100 coin out the other end would become 140 coins.

The market value (to other players) would still be higher

And yes you get to see how much an item will give in terms of progress in the 'minter before you accept


Do you mean before the machine wore out? As opposed to how much you can enter at once?