Testing 220: Chrysominter!


I made a new coin machine, placed the coils. Then I tried to drag a stack of rock into it and it didn’t work. So I tried less and it worked.


how do you know my mobile number :scream:


I was a few hours late but still managed to craft almost 70 refined rift with less than 8 hours on Vandar. Maybe as few as 4-5 I wasn’t tracking and I did other things through the day. I found plenty of rift in “mined out” areas so no regen was really both a blessing and a curse.

Towards the end a 3x3 shovel and a single hit hammer was a better setup than a good 3x3 hammer.

At the end:

I have several questions about the machine

A) Will it be placeable in the wild or in a campfire?

B) will values change only at updates or will it be manageable as an “on the fly” balancing tool?

C) Are you serious you can’t put a smart stack in it?

D) will any items have a coin value of less than .01c per item?


Ah, sounds like you hit the wear cap then. Rock is set to a silly high price right now. But you could in theory add a smart stack of 900 items if they were worth something small


I think that there are a small handful of usbthat bother to still go mining in that type of environment though. So many players seem like they refuse to do that type of mining if they can’t hit seam after seam.

Time will tell.


A) Must be in a beaconed area like any machine
C) you can, the machine however will not let you put in more than would cause it to wear out (calculated by the amount of coins not the number of objects going into it)


OK so it’s not like I’m going to have a chrysominter by the door for when I come home.

Going to have to design a minting area lol.


An entryway with 12 might do lol.


Guess that’s why demolishing it destroys all coins. They foresaw how we would abuse it. :slight_smile:


skip to 00:56 to see me trying to add rocks


oof that is a really expensive power coil

i would say yea for base and with how much rift you need for the coils 30-mid 40s you ant getting that without a AOE speed brew combo i would think


I have my guess.

I’d probably (and I assume many others) be happy to use this in the field and give up the benefit of the engines/coils in a lot of cases.

If it requires a beacon and a long time though it’s not going to be practical. Especially if you can’t throw at least 16 stacks in there and get coins in a couple of hours . I got set up on test just this week I may go check it out.


It’s made to put in stuff, and take out coins.

I’m not sure what you mean by “Abuse” like, someone might put in a lot of stuff, and take out a lot of coins?


Yes, that is the Rocks hitting the wear cap because right now they are set to a crazy high price (as mentioned before these are all dummy prices). As i have previously mentioned, the machine takes wear based on the output coin, not the number of objects going into the machine. So you could easily pile in a whole smart stack of something worth 0.1 coin


Is there an alternate timeline where we could craft different flavors of chrysominter? As a result they could last longer/more durability. Gone from machines copper to machines iron and titanium!?

Or is this just not an option at all?


I Comprendo :+1: Just testing everything out. I don’t have any price data for blocks/items, so I don’t know what they are worth.


I’m putting money on 1ss of rock = 1c


The tool tip on items now displays the coin value! This will also update if/when prices do too :smile:


Thanks for the video! :slight_smile:

… You should feed a chrysominter into a chrysominter. Cannibalism FTW. :rofl:


What will happen if machine is in one beacon which owner has this active, but some coils connect to it are in a different beacon where the owner does not?