Testing 220: Chrysominter!


Okay, I noticed instantly that you burn through the machine’s condition way to fast. I put in 20 rocks and it ripped 3000 of the 5000’s machine durability for 3000c. Although it was instantly gained coin, the durability of the machine makes this thing more of a chore to use. You can’t stick smart stacks of items in the thing and have it spit out coin. Even if you could, the amount of rocks people get would make it the greatest source of coin generation in the game.

I seriously see this thing inflating the game with unchecked amount of coin and feel like it’s another thing the developers have designed that will become a balancing nightmare for them just like the rate in which people level (XP Farms).

I do love that it instantly gives you coin but I don’t like how quickly you rip through the durability of the machine. 5k durability? Come on now, that’s horrible. But that really isn’t even the root cause of the problem. The problem is that every 100 coin you mint takes away 100 durability. This is insanely high. It needs to be fixed cause it makes it very challenging to judge how much of something you can just throw into the machine and make your coin.

Also, how is this thing determining the value of items it’s minting? Cause on the testing server, stones and rock mint for more coin than Gleam. Does rarity of the block or resource have anything to do with it? I mean anyone can spawn Iron Bars and Iron Ore into their inventory and test it out… those both provide 900 coin when they’re worth well more than that.

I know it’s a WIP, but there really needs to be some adjustments to this thing for it to be a lot more fun to use. Decrease the durability used when minting stuff. I recommend, making it 10% of what it is and moving the needle up or down from there.


You didnt read @rossstephens replies to this I am guessing?

The durability chews through at a rapid rate because you’re hitting the coin cap. they wont rip as fast once the stone price is set to it’s true value on live.

And thats what test is for afterall, testing things, Perhaps with feedback, and fiddling around the durability will be changed. Who knows.


I skipped 50+ replies after I got home from running my errands. I assumed it was a bunch of people saying stuff like, “omg this is awesome!!”.


Not at all, there has been a bunch of well thought replies from players and the devs.


See above for your answer. I did see you skipped a bit. Just trying to help answer your question.


Thanks. But I am still worried about how they’re going to automate the minting value of something.

I really hate the idea of having a pricing floor or ceiling on items in a game that’s suppose to be player driven.


Does the bonus 40% coin output also impact wear? Or does only the original 100c cause wear?


Not that I noticed.


It seems pretty high but i was able to get at least 3 of each from dormant meteors fairly quickly on a t7 so its not too hard to do a single craft and you only need 10 power coils based on @majorvex video …great video btw :blush::ok_hand:


dat OP …


@james as a suggestion, perhaps making it quick add things into the machine intelligently would be a nice QoL change to make. So if an item would take the full 5k durability and you quick add something (shift click on PC) you can fill it up with the exact amount that would take the full durability.

Just a thought and I am sure that’s easy to implement.


Since the prices will be below market value, it is unlikely people will be using them for good stuff they could actually trade that often, and for advanced players, don’t know how much time they’d want to spend just feeding it junk when they’re already very rich.

There will be some inflation perhaps, but this is a good sign, as people have more coin to spend and are spending it. The bottom is falling out a little too quickly on prices right now, we really could use a little. It will be more the low to mid level players using it most often I bet, with the rest of us just using it as a fallback as needed. I don’t think it will get out of control…

Unless - and I wasn’t going to mention this as I don’t want to give anybody cute ideas, but then they’d already probably have it in their heads anyways - we start getting botting. I do think with this, we have to all keep our eyes out for it now. Doesn’t seem like it would be too hard to pull off, collect, feed, repair, repeat. Not much purpose to it before but now there really would be motive.


Why would you release a new testing update when I go on vacation? Reeeee

First thoughts anyone?


I’m copying in some thoughts from another thread here:

This is going to be an interesting balancing feat.

It seems some people are interested in a place to dump refined rocks and other crafted items as well. I hadn’t even considered that TBH so I’m still taking this all in.

The question about “every planet” was directed at another conversation but the rest of this is still, I think, valid.


The coils are late game for absolutely no reason. If this was to help people in the earlier parts of the game’s progression I would think the coils would be on par with the normal coils for their cost instead of making them very expensive to make.

It sounds like a very unnecessary one.


well, a 40% increase in coin is no small thing.


@james @rossstephens

As you two are the ones to comment on the systems so far, maybe one of you could provide light on how you view this on the fly change happening.

Would it be possible for this system to check current demand/selling of an item every hour or few hours and then increase or decrease the value of said item until it’s being sold at a certain total or quit being sold etc?

I know there are systems like this in other games, especially ones with real estate you have to buy. An item goes up for sale for a stupid price, no one buy/sells it. It goes down/up slowly over time until someone does decide that price is worth the purchase/sale.

If it doesn’t cause too much lag on the system with those checks, it seems like that would be a very viable way of keeping the values in check with demand.

I should edit to add this point, when I say checking to see if items have been sold, I mean specifically to the machine itself, not shop stands. If the item is being sold to the machine then we already actively know that item has some value, as a result if millions of x item are being sold over y period of time then perhaps the item devalues over a block of time2, 4, 6, 12 hours… whatever seems to fit the metrics you guys wish to to see.


For example say we sale a gem hammer unforged of course for 1500 in game. The mint buys it for 800. That brings us to a mint total of 1120ish. If fully coiled out.

This is definitely going to take some time and theory crafting on devs and player sides as this has a lot potential for great help as well as abuse.


So far I see it being pretty useless outside of paying for the costs to warp to an Exoworld and back. Maybe for some newer folks who need coin but that’s meh at best.

Price floors and ceilings are complete BS in any economy, virtual or real. They ruin the whole aspect of what makes a player driven economy what it is.


Here’s another quick vid (no sound) of me adding different items to the Chrysominter. I think it’s irrelevant though since the coin value of items on the test server is askew (as per the Devs)
@bucfanpaka … I did it lol … skip to 3:18