Testing 220: Chrysominter!


This system, as best I have understood it, is designed so players who don’t get any footfall have a means to generate some coins. It’s not meant to replace the economy at all.

There will be vets who look to break it to maximize it for themselves but I do not think that is the intent of this design.


In theory now, as long as we have people willing to make them, even the coils are within reach of even the newest players if they are willing to put in the time to grind. Getting the machines to start with may take a little bit, but I’m thinking my sales price on those might be around 100, possibly less, so not too hard to get.


Well gem hammers have some sort of demand today, so that’s not something you’d want to drop in.

You’re supposed to be able to prefer selling to another player wherever possible.

This machine is for all the yams and bones and tallow you have filling up your swimming pool. Once this machine provides a value for them, they’re going to come out of all those shop stands they’re in, and people who really want them but don’t want to gather them are going to have to out perform the machine on price.


I’ve been running my own little solo guild with 2 buffs at tier 1 running. I earn enough endeavor between my 3 alts (Hunter, Crafter, Builder) to keep them going. But just barely.

It’s the coin that is an issue. While the Grapple and Run requires only 5500c, the Fall damage protection (which isn’t worth it because it doesn’t seem to work properly but it’s good for the extra block placement reach) requires something like 15000. I would have thought that the cost of Tier 1 buffs would cost the same across the board. But apparently not.

Anyway yea, it’s doable solo with alts.


Right. I’m just theory crafting on paper since I can’t log to test right now. I just wanted to point out how indeed 40% can stack up over time if the person was too lazy to actively sale.

Also, shop stands will be letting us sale for less than 1c now so I don’t think those items you mentioned will all disappear. The market will just realign.


Haha, awesome! :slight_smile:


Yeah, sorry I think I misread your post!

It’s going to be interesting to see what the machine thinks the price is before you set up a shop stand or request basket!


I wonder if forged items sell differently


Yeah, me too. We haven’t really seen support for forged items being treated differently in shop stands and stuff.


They are going to be expensive as hell. They take special resources. You think someone is going to sell them well within a newer player’s grasp? This is if that new player is even interested enough in the game to play long enough to figure it out since the game has horrible player retention. They first have to hurdle over the game’s price tag.

On top of that, people who like the idea of competing in a game’s economy might not even like the idea of being able to print your own money. They might just opt completely out of playing the game.

Those coils aren’t going to be cheap nor do I think people who make the coin machine are going to sell it dirt cheap either. Maybe on par with the other machines or a little higher in price cause you can get a ROI from it.


Looks like a 5060c barrier or thereabouts. 766 Advanced Refinery Coils works, 767 is too much (5062.2c)


The machine itself is not that hard to make. The coils provide a 5% increase in coin each, that should be hard to achieve.


Not well within of course on the coils, they’ll clearly be expensive, but for those with the time and willingness to grind, they could bypass regular progression and learning skills and just go out and sink hours collecting and chrysominting everything on a T1 and get enough to buy anything for sale in the game. There are some players who will even prefer this, in my own case I enjoy simple grinding, I find it relaxing. Of course, that is just in theory, most won’t do this, but the ones that it is in easy reach for, the really advanced players, not sure how much they’ll even bother, or actually spend what they get, many are quite rich already and have or can get what they need. It is just something that is possible now for someone not experienced in the game to do, to buy whatever with the right time investment. On the machines themselves, I think what I plan to sell at or close to, 100c, is pretty reasonable, easy to get that with feats.

James said they’d be constantly tweaking this, so I don’t think the devs are going to let it get out of hand if we start seeing things go too far the other way with inflation. Also, coin can already be created in a few ways other than trade… and too, on the other side, we now also have a big way for coin to disappear forever with the exoworld warp costs (and guild buffs I think, I haven’t used them yet, but sound expensive). This helps balance that too, IMO. Since they’ll keep prices below what things are going for, it shouldn’t impact sellers except to keep the bottom from totally falling out, and newer players will have a guaranteed coin to get what they want to buy.


Finally going to build a base on test so I can do this stuff when it comes out. Anyways I went and got this:

This is not going to be a problem. Also you can make ROI off of any machine it’s what they’re for.

EDIT: You could buy materials to single craft this for less than 120 coins for sure.

Logging into the game for 15 minutes pays you 100 coin.


I would have liked to see a whole plethora more items placed in the game instead of this thing. The game needs it more than a coin printer.

We’ll see how this thing plays out. Definitely needs some quality of life improvements on it.


The testing server for it is specifically wonky. There were a lot of people asking for these changes too. While I do wish for more content, the developers are definitely listening to the playerbase. It probably took a lot less time to make this and the coils rather then a bunch of different items

I’m still hoping for a lot of new items myself too. Maybe all the deco and ladders we had seen sketches of a year ago?


Totally respect your opinion there. I admit as an early proponent of the idea of having something to create a base for prices, that I’m very invested in the idea and really believe it will be a very positive thing for the game… but, I could be wrong I know. We’ll have to wait and see once it goes live, sometimes things go off in weird ways and there are unseen factors.


The dev process seems pretty continuous. I’m sure there will be plenty more coming. I assume this was just relevant to a lot of recent work that got done.


To me this update hits all the good points. I especially didnt want to have to deal with decimals (but wanted them in the game). Only thing is what if someone keeps pulling those rocks 1 piece at a time and they keep paying 0c? Maybe for this, specify bundles to buy the item (10 pieces for 1c) so people wont misuse it? Some might argue “What if i want to buy 85 pieces not 90?” To that i say, paying 0.5c more to get 90 (instead of 85) is better than risking people abusing the system and buying stuff for 0c.

Edit: My bad, now I understand that the pay out always works in favor of the basket/stand owner. Thanks Nightstar for the clarification.


I am so ready to see ash,sand,peaty,clay and all that sold for less then 1c! FINALLY!