Testing 220: Chrysominter!


They will be paying 1c for each rock if they do that.


All that growth, i got from your farm will have a purpose now :laughing:


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I’ll just do this to reply to all of you at once.

I’d much rather see them create a system that tackles multiple problems at once. A very robust daily questing system would have solved the leveling problem, could have acted as a more active way to generate coin for the game, and have layers to it like an onion because of how flexible it could be in design to deliver way more of a rewarding experience to players.

The issue with how many rocks you can mine up and have zero use for them outside of building is solved by having more deco texture designs, more brick texture designs, create functional furniture out of it, etc.

Instead we got a coin printer. It’s why I am so damn upset. They took an easier solution that solves short term problems instead of looking at things long term. At least that’s how I am perceiving it. I also absolutely hate the idea of a pricing floor in an economy. It kills competitive pricing and we don’t know how quickly this coin printer updates its mint value either. I doubt it’s real time and I doubt it’s fast enough either.

They should have been a little better with the minting values on the testing server to give us a way better outlook of how things are going to be. Doesn’t need to be real values, just more realistic. 150c for 1 rock is stupid.


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I’ve read your ideas on the questing system to replace the exp system, and they’re pretty good. I just don’t think that it’s a straight tradeoff of us getting a coin machine instead of your desired changes. I’m assuming the coin machine was just a half-finished thing that could be quickly tuned up while the laundry list of changes you suggested could take much longer to get to us. To be clearer, I’m not against your ideas. I’m just not gonna turn my nose up at the coin machine while it’s here.


For a coin reward for a quest, you just need to change the value of how much coin is being rewarded. Automating how much coin is being printed from a unit of an item creates new problems.

We need more than just footfall, a coin printer, and maybe my quest idea (not to sound arrogant) to fix the coin circulation problem.


This really leads off topic, I’d be happy to make a thread if anyone wanted to discuss it.

Has anyone considered the good that removing request baskets would do for this economy?


If you’re full while mining you would put down a beacon, put down the machine, feed the stone, take the coins and deconstruct the machine and the beacon. This doesn’t work, even if it’s instant, because you only get coins in 100c increments and deconstructing the machine doesn’t release the coins but destroys them.


Boi stahp. You know it’s still 8675309… :laughing:

Personally I’d rather not see Boundless go down this path; I despise daily quests or limitations on any game I have ever played in the past, ever. It’s why I quit WoW and why I won’t touch mobile games. No thank you. I can agree with you that a questing system would help; just not on daily limitations. If I want to do a repeatable quest 9001 times straight and I have the time, so what. Let’s keep things BOUNDLESS.


Glad to hear our farms are getting used still. Currently working on the Tier 1 farms. will be announcing soon. There are a few on iconic hive hub top floor. Currently clay,ash,peat and sand (WIP).


I still don’t see that as abuse TBH. It’s a balancing decision either way.

Requiring a home setup and preferring coils for the machine, along with other points I’ve posted since, indicates that this isn’t really a solution (by design) for turning AoE waste into coins.

It’s a fair balancing choice the questions are only to clarify. For obvious reasons they can’t give any hints as to “live” pricing but it’s possible they’ll make it worth building a large mint and dragging all the trash home.

I doubt it though.


It will not replace the economy, until we see the prices in live, I am unwilling to even say it will generate enough coin to allow players with no real footfall income to get enough coin to get to exo planets regularly. I am wondering how much of the decimalization the developers are really going to use. If a ss of rock is only worth .01 per then the 9c per smartstack is not really going to help generate much coin.


How much would refined stone sale for though? That’s certainly easy enough for a new player to setup without coils and have going over night. Sale some refined stone, they’ve gotten exp from turning it in to stone and then refined. Maybe decorative blocks will be worth some money as well so that’s more exp that a new player gets as well as maybe a higher value block.


Does it reward XP?


If this allows the one shot of sand and gravel blocks on T7+ worlds. then I feel this is too strong and should be changed.


That all depends it takes 18 rocks to mass craft 50 stone and 288 stone to make 50 refined. So it takes about 2.1 rock to make one refined if you mass craft. So if a rock ends up worth .01 c then refined could be as low as .02 or .03 c. Not a good way to make coin.


But if stones are .02 and then refined is .05… then maybe…


I dont think it’s meant to be a ‘good’ way to get coin necessarily, just an alternative means. But you are right there’s not much to the conversation until we know where the actual values end up on live.

Remember, a lot of those complaining about footfall are happy if they made 300-400 a day, given how little they often made. I think I saw a few posters say that one warp to the exo (3200) was a weeks worth of footfall for them.


Without getting to far off track, what should a good way to get coin be that is truly open to all players new and experienced no matter what planet they start on or build on? Only buying and selling? Weekly and Daily

edit: This is where I think there is a problem and the economy will continue to be a challenge. We get a lot of coin sinks with exo planets and guild buffs and taxes but only a trickle of coin in


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