Testing 220: Chrysominter!


I do like the idea of being able to generate coin from objects that people feel are useless to them. Though I’m a HOARDER!


We are not Hoarders. We are collectors of objects rare and common.


i do like that better, sounds distinguished!


Collectors of objects rare and common! Ban together,unite!!! We can not stand for this! (No just kidding, this will be a great tool for many people :+1:)


Go on a mining trip, upon return home dump rock into 8 coin machines. Option to turn rock into coin, xp or into building materials. You can mix and match the coin, xp and usable material to whatever fits your needs. I figure this is a nice change.


Sadly, I didn’t take note of the XP


just no point of 8 machine unless you don’t want to repair. Since the gold exchange is instant.



I didn’t read the whole thread, but I have a question about selling items for less than 1c.

It appears that for anything less than 1c, you don’t get paid.

So does that mean it accumulates until it becomes a whole number, or can someone jest buy nine “.1c” blocks endlessly without ever paying for them?

Overall, it looks like a great update.


That would be me. Sometimes more like two weeks.


You needed to read the whole thing! ;p

It rounds up in the shop owners favor so if you buy 1 block for .1 you pay 1c for it instead of .1 where as 10 blocks at .1c would cost 1c


Thanks. I read it all but, obviously, my reading comprehension skills escaped me.


I also make less than 1,000/week in my shop.


From what I can tell, I don’t see any conflict arising from BL adding this machine (in regards to the prices we sell items for). It won’t take the place of selling items on shop stands nor trading IMO because there really won’t be huge “profit” from using the machine. It will just be a tool. I feel like this could also be useful to those that are purely builders that don’t wish to participate in the active economy…they have resources in bulk and this machine will give them a little bit of coin for those items.

Even the lowest end items will still probably fetch a higher selling price, than if you were to put them in the machine. If someone wants to grind away and feed their Chrysominter for some coin, I don’t have a prob with that. It will still be work for them and it will cost them resources (making or buying tools to harvest the items, etc).

I am looking forward to trying it out on the main server - I’m curious what values the devs will give to each item.


I can’t wait to introduce the machine to my good friend “dirt”.


Can’t believe you’d sell your good friends so easily…


My game crash :confused: I sent crash reports


The Hammer Versatility buff only gives a 75% bonus at the Mega level. Using the wrong tool to break a block only does 25% the normal damage. So hammer versatility will bring that up to 43.75% damage of using the proper tool. I ran some numbers.

Non-AoE Rift Hammer + Mega Hammer Versatility + 9 Power

Strength Brew    Damage Boon    Loose Block Damage
None             None           3496       # base damage
None             L5             4802*      # min forge-only for soil+sand
Greater          None           4834*      # min brew-only for soil+sand
Mega             None           5727*      # damage with max brew
None             L10            5758*      # damage with max forge
Mega             L3             7125**     # max brew & min forge for gravel
Improved         L10            7228**     # max forge & min brew for gravel

3x3 Rift Hammer + Mega Hammer Versatility + 9 Power

Strength Brew    Damage Boon    Loose Block Damage
Mega             None           2291       # damage with max brew
None             L10            3660       # damage with max forge
Greater          L10            5062*      # max forge & min brew for soil+sand
Mega             L7             5172*      # max brew & min forge for soil+sand
Mega             L10            5996*      # damage with max forge & brew

* = breaks soil and sand
** = breaks gravel

T7 soil & sand take 4800 damage, and gravel takes 6800 damage.

For a non-AOE rift hammer, you can 1-shot soil and sand by drinking a strength brew or forging with damage boon. You can break gravel in one shot by both forging and drinking strength brew.

For a 3x3 rift hammer, you can 1-shot soil and sand by forging with L10 damage and taking a strength brew. But both max damage boon and max strength brew won’t let you 1-shot gravel.


Ok, that is acceptable in my book then, Thank you for processing the numbers.


Oh please make it easy to craft!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Any chance to remove coils from this? Most machines I get cuz reduces cost, time, and meets power requirement. It just seems like an over complexity. Leave it like that cute little barrel as a trash can that I can fit next to my door instead a huge room hog with a bunch of coils surrounding it. Please consider removi g coils from this…