Release 219: Exoworlds, Blink, Rift and Umbris!


I had been saving 1200 cubits just for the skillpages, been hard to not spend them on plots, haha!


A and D keys switch between them on PC.


am i hearing correctly? that all tier 6 planets are now tier 5?


No, still T6… where you see this?


its apparently a text glitch when going through portals.


it means you need level 5 atmosphere resistance to access tier 6 worlds.

This means you need 4 points on the skill page (since level 4 gives 2 points of resistance)


YIt’s more that it tells you what level of protection you need rather than what level the planet is.

So for a T6 planet you need level 5 protection, hence the confusion.


:confused: You need level 4 skill to give level 5 protection to access a level 6 planet, what could be simpler :flushed:

Exoworlds Incoming!

I’m at work right now so cant check. Didn’t level 6 worlds only require level 4 skill protection before?


the 4th level adds 2 points of atmosphere resistance.
1+1+1+2 = 5 = level 5 potent.


Ah thank you for that. Was little concerned.


Wow I almost glossed over this one. This is huge. Hunts are going to be even more common end-game and IMPORTANT as heck for guilds. Honestly, this is probably the most significant change in place right now.

Time to grind my endgame character


I think this new portal level format is even more confusing than it was before :smiley: And now you don’t see <T4 planet levels anymore, that info is sometimes pretty important.

edit: I guess the “placid/temperate/rugged” has the info, just a bit obfuscated. But the atmosphere level stuff is confusing since the skill descriptions don’t make it obvious they’re additive. And when you have 3 levels in a skill and are looking to add the next one you for sure don’t remember exactly how many points the previous levels gave you.



This came at a good time for me, since I have to go away for a bit end of next week… curious if anybody is selling any yet, and for how much? Really only need it for one of my portals, the others are tiny and so fine.


I have 7 alts, none have a second page.

My main (the crafter) is at lvl 49.

I also never really used the rock exploit. Just a couple times on low level alts.


Hmmm. If amalgam is three times as potent as shard then I’m disappointed. Use 300+ shards to get 100 amalgam looks like roughly the same amount of fuel.

I know the main idea here is to be able to put 900 amalgam in portal slots and have three times as much time as with 900 shards, so to avoid refuelling every few days on larger portals. On small portals amalgam will allow fuelling for a few months ahead.
Still I hoped there would be some efficiency gained here as well, like using 300 shards to get at least 150 amalgam, so effectively 450 shards (50% more fuel time).

Maybe there is a trick to how it works and I’m getting it wrong?


I don’t get it either. Combined with the deco Oort stones it looks like they try very hard to make portals more expensive.


Portals cost exactly the same. You can just put three times the fuel in now for the cost of additional resources.


it would be nice if it was more expensive… For portal hubs its not great when unactive players leave their portal open for 6 months ._.


Edit: I think I misunderstood you. I think you weren’t saying portals should be more expensive, you said portals shouldn’t stay open for to long without maintenance. That makes sense to me.