Release 223: Venerable Forging!


I imagine it is a bug, the fix is just a workaround. I shouldn’t lose my left hand grapple when trying the change to a hammer in my right hand.


Not right now no.
Possibly this week or next I’ll return to host hunts again


The option to change primary hands and how the radial works has been there since launch. So it’s not a work around.

I think you happen to tap it without realizing or the controller input reads two taps for some reason.


Hmm, ok… Shame, wanted to join a few times this week since I hadn’t had time much lately for them…


You’ve lost me. Not sure what you’re referring too here.

Maybe nominate someone to run them in your absence?


How you liked my comment about the radial and how my comment was ignored :joy:



Original Forgeries at Nova Golda Market is selling silver auto door spanners for 1999c and once done saphire ones for 3999c!


Yep! Theres actually a button (not sure what it is on ps4) that when you hold it down only lets you rotate your main hand, so you may be hitting that unknowingly :stuck_out_tongue: check the controls menu, there may be some options you didn’t know about :smiley:


Ive seen the options before maybe im just stupid and didnt understand them lol I’ll have to check it out again


Any way to knock the price down if we provide the spanner?



You pay 50c less… :wink:

What I mean is, the price is not so much the tool costs but more the forging costs…


I forged some more items and suddenly noticed something.

The tooltips of the forging mats DO NOT show vigour and stability costs anymore, somewhat annoying. Am sure this was not on purpose?



Yeah, it’s being looked at:


As a builder, this patch is very attractive.
Good job done in this patch :slight_smile:
Now i can produce more artwork easier like how i use illustrator in real life.
“Undo feature” is the best :laughing: I also feel that this function i used the most in my real life job lol.


Great update!

**** has been mentioned already *** then I stay just with :+1::+1:



Update OP with details of the fixes.


This is so handy :+1:

I’d been putting off chiselling my floor for ages, as there is a huge drop underneath and any mistake has a chance of dropping the block all the way down!

No need to bother now though



I wish they would have a disable completely option. I never use this except by accident.


@james the coin value of the basic beacon fuel has not been increased to 10, it has been decreased to 0.10.
Unless the way in which you posted the update info was incorrect an error exists.

I only realised after throwing 10 stacks of them in there and wondering why i had such little coin.